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    I'm heading to CN on 6-25-2011 (for my wedding), and will be accompanied by numerous friends and relatives. Many of them have approached me(now, 48 days till departure), that they are concerned with the dates I have chosen. They have complained that this is the "rainy season", and that we are probably going to get dumped on. Now, I realize that nobody is in control of the weather. However, this certainly "rained" on my parade. It upsets me terribly, and now I'm worried that I chose that wrong time of year. What are your thoughts? I wanted to particularly target those who have experienced this season.

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    It is very common in the tropics for afternoon showers to come through, but usually they are quick and actually appreciated as they help cool things off. I believe I've heard the Jamaicans refer to it as "liquid sunshine." However, I would be more concerned with humidity than rain as that can be more of an issue for people that are not used to it. Definitely recommend that your guests pack light, cool clothing like cotton and linen. We also made a point to ask for table in the open-air restaurants that were under a fan as it helps wisk away the sweat and keep you cool! You'll love Jamaica and will have a wonderful time! Congrats on your wedding!

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    Found this on the internet... this June will be my first time to Jamaica so I don't have any first hand experience but it doesn't look too bad:

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    First congrats on the wedding! Second, we'll be there the same week as you guys! This will be our fourth time to CN, all of which are in the June range. DO NOT FRET THE WEATHER! We will more than likely see some rain, usually it is an afternoon shower that last for anywhere from 20 min to an hour or so. So far we have never lost a whole day to rain in any of our 7 trips to Jamaica. Your group is going to LOVE the resort! no worries!

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    Regardless of the weather, let them know the rainiest day could never dampen the beautiful occasion of your marriage. Just like you would have no control on the weather where you live on a wedding day, same applies here. Odds are, it will be great!! I am sure that others that were married at Couples and the rain came, I would say it did not "ruin" their day. The main reason for going is your wedding, the sunshine is a bonus! In the words of Jamaicans " No problem Mon". Enjoy your day, you are not responsible for others having fun in the sun.

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    I kind of tire about folks who obsess about the weather when they go to Jamaica. If you want a guarantee that it won't rain, then you probably want to go to Aruba. Its a desert island.

    Jamaica is a tropical paradise... and the only way to get that is to have rain AND sunshine... Jamaica gets plenty of both, ALL YEAR ROUND.

    Last year was the worst... it rained hard twice during our stay, but it didn't come even close to ruining those days. In fact, we saw our first real tornadoes (waterspouts) during last year's stay (in late May), and living our entire lives in Wisconsin, that's saying something!

    So yeah... it rains on Jamaica... Let me put it bluntly... if you want a weather report when you get to the island, step outside and look up.

    Don't look back... tell your friends and relatives that you're not concerned, nor should they be.

    Its all IRIE, mon!


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    They say it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day. It rained on mine... almost 30 years ago!!!

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