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    Newbies here. Any suggestions from oldies on what to pack and not to bother to pack?

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    4-5 bathing suits or more depending on length of stay
    3-4 sun dresses for the lady
    1 Capri and 1 nice blouse
    1 khaki pants for the men
    1 khaki shorts and 2 -3 button down shirts for the men
    2 shorts and 3 t-shirt for lounging for the men
    Plug in air freshener -- room can get musty
    Small bottle of laundry soap to wash out the bathing suits

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    I always like to pack a large brim hat to cover my face some of the time.. You can buy them there, but they are more expensive and I buy the cheap ones so that if it gets damaged, I can just throw it away after the week is over..

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    leave the gun, take the canolli, sorry i had to

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    Just returned from a week @ CN and can't wait to go back!!! It was our first trip to a Couples Resort and we overpacked....A LOT! The hubby and I have already decided to return and I know for myself I will be bringing 4-5 bathing suits with 2-3 different cover ups, a few light sundresses, a pair or two of nice shorts and matching tops. If you don't plan on too many off-resort trips, you will be spending 90% of you time in a bathing suit at the beach or at the pool. But if you forget anything, there is a clothing store that you can purchase a few extras if need be.

    Sharker is right on the money with their post.....I brought 3 travel packets of Tide laundry soap and we ended up doing laundry in the bathtub on the 4th day. Only because our bathing suits had a horrible smell to them. Make sure you rinse your bathing suits after you take them off (or they will smell like old gym socks). But it will take a few days for any clothing to completely dry due to the humidity.

    Enjoy your trip....wish we were already going back

    Stacey & Travis
    Sylvan Lake, AB Canada

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    We started taking a plug in for the room also, it keeps the room smelling fresh. B & BW has some nice Caribbean scents. Then when you get home you use the same scent and Voila! You are mentally back in Jamaica!! Never had a problem with our bathing suits. Oh yeah, we don't wear any. Good tip, though. I ALWAYS pack too many clothes. Every year I vow to take less, but never seem to. Golly, it is a long time until December.

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    Thank you ,for all the information we are newbies to Couples negril ,I pack everthing you say ,LOL and a small bottle of laundry soap to wash out the bathing suits . THANK YOU JOHN & ERNESTINE

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    Thank You, for the information about the bathing suits, pack the laundry soap. JOHN & ERNESTINE

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    leave the gun, take the canolli, sorry i had to
    Haha. How is Couples like the mob? You can never leave! "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in. "

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    The most helpful thing my wife and I always take with us is a power strip/surge protector. It is always a challenge to find places to plug in/charge our phones, cameras, etc.... Electric outlets are usually not easy to get to and often there are few available. We plug in the strip and leave it there all week for easy access.

    We took a Travel Laundry kit (Woolite) but never used it. Our bathing suits did fine as long as we turned the ceiling fan on every time we left the room. With the fan on 'High Speed" everything dried quite well without smelling bad.
    Just rinse whatever it is with fresh water to get out to sea water or pool water, wring it out as best you can, and hang it to dry with the fan on. Worked well for us.

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    93 days to go and getting ready to start packing can't wait for this trip

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