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    Default Which buldings at CN?

    We are trying to decide what type of room to choose at CN for our honeymoon next April. We're leaning toward the garden suite because of the beautiful bathrooms and the hammock on the porch.

    I can't seem to get the panoramic pictures or the map of CN to work, but I'm trying to figure out which buildings these rooms are in. We don't want to end up with a room looking over the nudie beach or something farthest from the pool/beach.

    You you agree that the garden suite is worth the splurge for our honeymoon, or do you think we'd be just as happy with a deluxe room and then staying another day or 2?

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    I think you're on the right track. We stayed in a beachfront in Building 6 on the 2nd floor and it overlooked the nudie beach (which was fine with us as we were able to see when it was empty and head over for ourselves).

    The garden suites are much more secluded, but still not too far from everything. Not as convenient as some of the other buildings, but not bad.

    If it were up to me, I wouldn't splurge on the suite, I'd rather stay as much longer as possible. We went for 8 days and it wasn't enough!

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    Stay the extra days. You aren't in room that much anyway.
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    Default Suites are Sweet

    Congrats! We have been 5x and splurged on a suite for our 5th Anniversary last year. We did have a garden suite in Bldg 9 but not on the beach side - as that was the beachfront suite. Between the huge bathroom which I loved, the hammock, and private in room dinner we though the suite was worth the splurge, and staying longer is not an option for us (we always stay as long as we can given our work schedules. Enjoy
    Ya Mon

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    I would pick extra days over a bigger bathroom anyday. If you are like most folks, you won't be spending much time in the room anyway...sleep, shower and change clothes. Remember, you are paying for the days at Couples, not so much the nights like an ordinary hotel. This is a real resort with so much stuff to do, see and eat, that you will really appreciate an extra day or 2. All of the rooms are beautiful and the resort is compact, so no matter what buliding you are in, you will only be about 3 minutes away from anything.

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    I would go with the garden deluxe and stay the extra days..I would also try for building 1.
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    Default question for Tommy

    Just curious, why building 1? What is your fav about that building?

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    blondie1...Building 1 is very close to everything.We like floor 2.

    CN..Couples Negril..Oh,how I love typing these words.
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    I'm with Tommy, building 1 is my favorite as well. It is so close to everything, the veiw of the gardens is wonderful. I just really like that building. My next favorite is building 2.

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    You actually have two different atmosphers that are created. Building 1 thru 5 creates the tropical garden that is full of various vegetation. Building 6 thru 9 is more open and you always have that chance of having the band playing for someone's wedding outside your balcony.

    Haven had rooms on both sides I have a hard time picking a favorite. I guess it is one that puts us closer to the nude hot tub so the skitoes don't get my butt.

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    CN is book solid for April 2010. NO Vacancies. You'll have to sleep in the broom closet.

    Told you not to wait on booking that trip.

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    Dad...We booked yesterday..Yay us.

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    We faced that very same dilemma: Garden Suite and enjoy the bigger room and that wonderful hammock, or extend the stay by booking the Garden Room? We opted for the latter and very happy we did, altho I must confess I'll heave a wee bit of a sigh the first time I see someone stretched out on the ol' hammock. Yet so many folks have raved about how nice the garden rooms are that I have no qualms whatsoever about our decision.

    We also chose the same route to a lesser extent for the CTI leg of our trip. We were intially going to book the Ocean Jr. Suite, but again, to gain more time for relatively the same cost, we went with the Premier Ocean - a bit of a compromise there being we could have saved even more by selecting one of the cheaper ocean view or garden room categories. But hey, we had to splurge a little, ya know?

    This "downgrading" as it were resulted in two additional days in paradise for just a wee bit more money than our original plan. Not bad, not bad at all.

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    Thanks Ron & Rosa (and the others),
    You made my decision much easier, we will go for Garden Deluxe and skip the Suite. Now we can go for 9 days instead of 7! (It was close to $1000.00 difference!) Paradise is paradise...... As long as I am on CN grounds with my man.

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