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    Default Restaurant Reservations @ CSA

    How many days ahead are you able to make reservations for Feathers and Lemon Grass? I remember there being a limit (2) on how many times you can eat there during your stay, is this still in effect? I saw that Randy posted a mistake was made and that Feathers IS open on fridays, is Patois Patio also open ?Thanks for any help. Can't wait for our trip in August 110 more days.

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    We made all of our reservations for the week after check in. There is sometimes a line at the concierge desk. One of you go do that while the other checks in. We go for 7 nights and do Lemongrass, Feathers, Patios Patio, Palms, Repeaters Dinner, Bonfire Dinner, and then whichever is our favorite for the other one. Make reservations for Lemongrass and Feathers early in your trip so if you wanna go back you can. Patois Patio is my favorite though for dinner.

    The cabana grill is really good but we do that for lunch most days.
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    Every time we've been to CSA (5) we've been able to make as many reservations for either Feathers or Lemongrass as we'd like. As far as I know, there has never been a limit on the number of times that you can eat at each restaurant (unlike other AIs). You can book either restaurant up to three days in advance. At that point, you can't book another reservation at that restaurant until you have your meal. But, theoretically, if you make a reservation for Feathers on Tuesday morning, and eat there Tuesday night, then make another reservations for Feathers on Wednesday for Wednesday evening.

    Patois Patio is open every night (including Fridays) for dinner except for Monday, when the Repeaters dinner is held there.

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    We were told last May that we could only have one reservation on the books in each restaurant at a time. We wanted to book Lemongrass for one night, Feathers for the next, and Lemongrass again for our last night at CSA. (We always do our last night's dinner there and wanted to make sure we got a reservation on the books for that last night.) We were within the three-day window when booking, and they let us book the first Lemongrass night and the Feathers night, but they did not let us make the second Lemongrass reservation until after our first reservation had been used because we couldn't have two open reservations for a restaurant at once. We had to come back the next night after dinner and book for Lemongrass at that point instead. It didn't keep us from being able to book or anything, but I wanted to echo the experiences of others who said they'd run into a similar rule.

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