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    Default Horse Riding at CTI

    I've just been advised that the horse riding trip is no longer available at CTI :0D
    I'm not a great rider but, absolutely loved it last time we went, does anyone know of anywhere we can arrange to do something like that?
    Ideally somewhere that will look after two very inexperienced riders who want to enjoy what was previously a fantastic experience.


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    Couples is eliminating the FREE horseback riding excursion effective 8/21/11. However you can still book a horseback riding excursion,but it is not free after 8/21/11

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    Thanks Richli2,
    We booked and are going in May but, have been told that it's already gone. :0(
    Glad we can still book it, last time we went it was fab and we really want to I need all the practice I can get, my 2 1/2 year old is horse mad and I'm definitely going for lessons with her!
    Only 14 days...woo hoo!

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    I d on't know if this helps, but I have read recent posts on Trip Advisor that state individuals are still doing the horse back riding. We go the first week of July and although we have done the ride a couple of times previously, we will probably go again this trip, just because it is being discontinued. Then again, we find it hard every year to pull ourselves away from the resort.

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    We visited CTI 4th - 16th April for a most fantastic honeymoon and did the horse riding excursion included in the price. It was extremely enjoyable and really good fun. We also did the additional horse riding via Chuka Tours which included riding the horses as they swam in the sea, an absolutely amazing experience and well worth the 95US$ each.
    I would strongly suggest that you do both.
    Iain & Jacqui

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