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    Default New Year's Eve at CSS?

    Hello All,

    New to the board and to couples. We have booked a New Year's Eve trip to CSS and are wondering if they do anything special for the evening? Do guests tend to dress up a little more on that evening etc? I usually wear a sundress of some sort to dinner each night but wondered if I would need something a little more than a basic sundress. We live in a cold climate so if I want to get a summer dress that isn't black I will need to plan in

    Thank you for the feedback! looking forward to our first visit to couples!

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    Hi scorpiogal,
    We were at CSS for New Year's last year and it was Amazing!!!!! There was a special cocktail party by the pond, and they built a special walkway so all the guests could walk the red carpet as they entered the party. After the cocktail party there was a fabulous buffet dinner on the lawn--it was like the Friday Night Gala on steroids!!!! They also had food and dessert stations set up in Pallazzina too! After dinner there was a great show and before midnight they handed out top hats to the men and crowns to the women that said "Happy New Year!" At midnight we all celebrated and danced. We had a wonderful time!

    We have also booked CSS again for New Year's 2011! Maybe we will see you there! We arrive on December 27 and will leave on January 4.

    CSS soon come!

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    We were there to ring in 2011 and had a great time. It was our 1st trip to CSS and they put on a good party. Lots of food and drink and good entertainment. Sundress would be fine.

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    We were there last New Years and had a wonderful time. They had a big celebration with lots of food and drinks out on the main lawn. The entertainment was very good also. Dress ranged from nice casual clothes to formal. You will be good with a nice sundress.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thank you for the info! That is very helpful! I figured that they would have something but it is fun to know what and to plan for it! We are only going for a short trip over New Year's as we have a longer trip to the D.R. in Nov. We will be there Dec 28 - Jan 2. Can't wait!

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    You'll have a great time. Can't wait to go back as our trip was a short one, 4 nights but better than none at all. Suzie, we must have been there the same time you were. The weather was cool and rainy the first 2 days and kind of cut down on "social time". Spent the last 2 days on SSB. Once you go, you know

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    Hi sunny2,
    We musthave crossed paths because my husband and I spent all our time on SSB!!! I just love SSB! Everyone is just so nice!!!!! I also loved Francine the bartender too! Are you going back to CSS this year? We'll be there in July for my 50th birthday and back to ring in the New Year again! Hopefully, we will cross paths on a visit!

    Once you go you know!

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