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    Default Little help with names - CSA

    We stayed at CSA 4 years ago and loved the staff working in the aura nightclub . Its just im terrible with names and after 4 years have forgotten . I think everyone has access to the link im posting up as i have no idea how to post a pic . I was wondering could anyone fill me in on the names and if they are still there .

    I know the guy at the bottom is Jerome i dont know why i remember his name and not the

    EDIT - My link didnt work but i have posted the picture down below
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    Well, Jerome is a very amicable young man, and last I knew, he was movin' on up in the Couples organization. A couple of years ago, he became head bar manager at SweptAway, reporting to Jonathan (last name forgotten), who was manager of Food and Beverage.

    BTW, your link simply takes me to my FB page... I don't see any of the smiling faces you mention...

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    Ok think i have got this working now .

    Pic below i hope
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    Bumping so hopefully someone might know

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