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    What are the rules/conditions for a repeat dinner ?

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    RULES, IN a KNIFE FIGHT? Sorry wrong movie. Not sure what you are asking. No rules that I know of, and you get to go on the condition that you enjoy good food and have a good time...

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    You must be registered with the Romance Reward Program and be a repeat guest of any Couples resort. So this trip has to be at least your second visit to Couples. Here's the link:

    Each resort hosts the Repeater's Dinner one night each week. It's a private dinner in one of the restaurants (each resort does it a little differently). Repeat guests receive an invitation to the dinner upon check-in.

    Hope this helps!
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    Are you referring to the Repeaters' Dinner?

    Each resort offers a Repeaters' Dinner once a week. In order to be invited to this event, you must have previously stayed at a Couples resort (any of the 4) and have registered with the Romance Rewards program. If you meet these two criteria, you will receive an invitation to attend the Repeaters' Dinner that will take place during your stay.

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    You will be invited to the repeaters dinner and coctail party if you are a repeat guest.You will get a chance to shmooze with Couples management and be spoiled with a great dinner.

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    Not sure what you are asking, but very simply put the Repeater's dinner is for repeat guests of Couples. Each resort has it on a different night (I think) CN has their's on Monday nights. It is at the nicer restaurants and is by invitation only.

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    I think the only rule/condition to attend the repeater's dinner is that you've stayed at one of the 4 Couples resorts before. When you check in, there is a place on the form for you to mark that you are a returning guest - I don't remember if it asks the date of your last visit or not. You will receive an invite & you need to RSVP.

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    You had to go to a couples resort before, just send Couples a email. They will respond with answer to you.

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    What are the rules/conditions for a repeat dinner ?
    You need to be considered a repeat guests. Which means that you have had to stay at a Couples Resort for a minimum of 3 nights and have registered with the Romance Rewards Program to qualify for an invitation to the Repeaters Diner. Makes no difference which Couples Resort you have stayed at.

    The conditions for attending are simple. Qualify as a repeat guest and there is a dress code for eating at Otaheite.

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    Huh. I guess I am the only one who was not impressed with the repeater's dinner. The loooongest dinner of my life. And rubbery lobster. Blech.

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