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    Default Motion Sickness/Catamaran cruise

    I am wondering how choppy the water is on the catamaran cruise at Negril?? We went to Cancun and went on a small boat to do "Bob" breathing observation bubble, which is like scuba diving but you don't have to know how. Anyways, I got so sick on the boat, will I be this way on the catamaran cruise? Should I get a patch from my doctor, dramamine, or what?????? My husband REALLY wants to do this and I don't want to disappoint him

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    PennyG--3 trips to CSA and no catamaran for me for the same reason. Our travel companions took the trip and loved it. As a self-proclaimed motion sickness expert, based on vast, unfortunate experience, I would recommend dramamine. The only one that works for me, and works very well, is the original formula, not the non-drowsy version which is also called bonine. The scopolomine patch is too long-acting, with side effects like dry mouth and light sensitivity lasting a couple of days. You also need to wear it many hours in advance of the cruise, whereas dramamine only needs to be taken 30-60 minutes before. Dramanine will make you sleepy, which is the downside, and alcohol will seriously intensify this. If people recommend pressure wrist bands and/or taking ginger, please know that those seem to work best for really mild motion sickness, and not for those of us who get really ugly motion sick, so you need to figure out how bad yours is. Also, if you are prone to motion sickness in cars, I would highly recommend some dramanine for your ride to and from the airport. Good luck!

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    I too get that way. What I normally do is wait to book the catamaran cruise until I see what the weather is going to be like. Depending on what time of the year you go, you should be able to do this. I hate being on a boat with wind and high surf, so this is what I've done in the past to eliminate such episodes. You can however take dramamine as well - this helps.

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    Aye, I seen many a landlubber hangin' dey head over the side!

    It does happen! We've been on the cat on dead-calm cruises, and we've been on the cat when the waves sprayed from bow to stern. We've also been on cat rides from Long Beach to Catalina Island and on fishing boats commandeered for whale watching tours. It happens... its happened to us, and we've seen it REALLY happen to others.

    Best to try an otc such as dramamine, but be sure to engage with others on the cruise to distract from some of the triggers that cause motion sickness. The cruise is usually pretty entertaining, in any case, so join in the fun!

    The good news is that the cruise is seldom very far from the coast, so its easy enough to use the reference method (watch the views on the coast) as a distraction... there is plenty to see! Its about a 45 minute cruise from SweptAway to the lighthouse, longer of course from CN.

    Hope that helps...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Well, I've never been on the cruise but I do know a lot about motion sickness, I get sick on everything that moves. I even get sick while swimming or watching someone play video games haha. Anyways, I don't use the patch because of the side effects and find that I can mostly manage my symptoms with OTC medicine. When I travel I use Bonine (It doesn't cause as much drowsiness as Dramamine especially if you want to have a drink!) I also use wrist bands. It also helps to sit in the back of the boat, its the most stable part and make sure to not keep focusing on things or people on the boat. If you start feeling sick take some time to focus on the horizon and re-orientate yourself. Good luck!

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    The boat is pretty big so you don't feel it like you would in the smaller boats. The water is different all the time though, it just depends n the weather. I don't usually get sea sick but I did one time on the last trip. That was on a much smaller boat though. I didn't really feel the movement on the catamaran and we were there right after Nicole came through and there was a depression nearby that was making the water pretty rough. The boat deos move but not a ton in my opinion. However, my opinion probably isn't very good since I very rarely get sea sick.

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    My wife has severe motion sickness and wore the patch and was absolutely fine, and happy she did because she can not wait to do the CAT again next trip.
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    Hi Penny, I was really worried about the same thing, I get really bad motion sickness. I actually was fine on the cat cruise, the water the day we went was not really rough, but also not as calm as I would have liked. I sat in the middle and faced the way the boat moved and was fine. I think the rum punch might have helped!! I also brought some ginger pills and took those to settle my stomach for the bus ride from the airport, it's pretty roller coaster like. I am soooo glad I went on the cat cruise though, it was the highlight of our trip!

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    It all depends on the weather. My hubby has the weakest stomach ever and he has never had a problem. 2 smooth sailings and one bumpy. Don't miss it it's a blast and bring a few dollars for tips as they aren't Couples employees.

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    I am the type to get very sea sick on the smallest of boats, so I was a little worried about the catamaran....the day we went out was really rough, I thought for sure I would be sick. As it turned out the ride was so nice and calm even in the rough water.

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    PennyG, I too suffer from seasickness/motion sickness and I stay away from the meds as much as possible; heard a lot of nasty side effects from the patch.

    I used to wear "seabands" all the time and they worked for me; last few times I cruised and whenever I go out on a boat, I take ginger capsules... can still feel the motion but none of the related nausea.


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    I'm with moochie, I get motion sick just thinking about being motion sick. I got sick at CSA after a few minutes on a floatie and the water was NOT rough...bummer cuz those things are awesome! I used to use Dramamine but it really knocks me out. Bonine does help but seems to be slightly less effective for experience with these was in my younger years trying to tackle amusement parks and state fair rides and with the bonine I had to take breaks from the rides. One year we traveled from a resort in Montego Bay to Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios and I got quite sick, on the trip back I thought I was gonna die. This year since we had to make a similar trip going to Negril I wore the wrist bands, I've used them for riding amusement park rides but with less intensity than my younger years , they worked perfectly. I've also used them for boat rides and other travel and they were great. I initally bought a pair at a drug store and they fell apart, there is a little plastic nub that places pressure between the tendons on your wrist and it fell off the band. Ultimately I bought a pair at our local dive shop and they've lasted me for years and were not much higher priced than the drug store pair. I'm a big fan of the wrist bands because they are only on when you need them, no side effects like a medication.

    If you do try the cruise follow the advice above and take frequent looks at the shore line, not a quick glance but take some time to settle yourself. Motion sickness will come from focusing on something like a person toward the side of the boat where you can also see the motion of water or shore behind them, even if you aren't focusing on it your brain will see it and contribute to the nausea. From a distance the shore will appear more stationary so focusing on it periodically and especially if you start to feel at all sick will help.

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    I get very sea sick and motion sick in general. Our CAT ride was on a perfectly calm day, but I was getting pretty queasy mid-way out. I had brought some Gravol with me and took 2. I was much better on the way back, but nearly fell asleep at Lemongrass while eating later that night LOL!

    I'm so glad I brought some with me, better safe than sorry, I would've been miserable without something to take.

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    As I stated early in this post my wife used the transdermal patch,its only side effect was slight dry mouth,nothing else, she put it on four hours prior and removed it as soon as we got off the CAT. She felt the minor dry mouth far out weighs the risk of being ill and missing out on such a great time. Goog luck with whatever method you select.

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    Ditto!! I am the same way!! I get sick on planes, buses, boats, even the teacups at Disneyland had me hurling lol...we did a Catamaran cruise in Cancun last year and naturally, I was running below to barf repeatedly! The captain of the cruise advised me to stay to the back and center of the boat, which did help a bit but not totally. Hubby has already said "don't even ask to go on that catamaran in O.R....not holding your hair back again!"

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    My wife gets seasick and she was fine on the catamaran. We sat on the back of the boat. It went slow enough and the water was smooth.

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    Penny: I also got very sick on an outing in Cancun several years ago. We took the catamaran cruise at CN last June and I had no problems whatsoever. The water was like glass! If you're concerned, try taking some ginger root (cruise ship folks swear by it!) I make it a point to not drink a lot while we were out...but had a great time and can't wait to go again.

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    Take ginger root a week before you go. I tried this our last trip and it really does help. We had some rough water on our last cat cruise and I did feel a bit queasy. Try a bit of rum punch also.

    I get motion sickness very easy and never have had any major problems on the cat cruise.
    life is good

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