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    Default We love couples!!

    After reading recent posts here regarding TA reviews, I went and checked out some of the recent TA reviews of CTI, CSS & CN. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it strange that 3 of the "disappointing" reviews all mentioned seeing rats at Couples and how wonderful their stay at the "S" resort was? GRRRR!

    Those reviews made me mad, so I just had to post this review of our recent stay at CTI on TripAdvisor. Thanks, Randymon, for your suggestion to post our personal reviews of Couples on TA.

    Our stay was Feb 28-Mar 6, 2011. This was our 2nd time to CTI....the 1st in 2006 when it was still COR. We booked the "Secret Rendevous" to save some money and were happy to get CTI. We were anxious to see the new renovations!

    We LOVE the new CTI!! We were so impressed with the renovations. What a difference from our 1st visit. It has a very different "feel" than the other Couples Resorts, but still has what draws us back to Couples.....friendly employees, great food, awesome guests and romantic atmosphere.

    We stayed in the "basic" Garden room and liked it very much. We were on the third floor with a nice private balcony in a quiet location near the spa. The addition of the complimentary water bottles was great. You can fill them yourself at the grill or ask any of the bartenders to fill them with ice water and they'll happily oblige.

    We ate at all the restaurants and enjoyed all of our meals. We had a complaint about the breakfast service and noted it on our "check-out evaluation". In true Couples fashion, we received an email a few days after our return addressing our concerns.

    The addition of the pool with the swim-up bar is a HUGE plus. It makes the resort feel so much larger. On our first visit in 2006, the property felt small and a little confining. Now it feels more spacious.

    We really enjoyed the privacy of the beach compared to the Negril beaches.

    We made it to the island this time and had a blast! Met several great couples and hope to meet up again next year.

    I must say, our 1st visit to COR in 2006 (our 1st visit to any Couples resort), was just so-so. We enjoyed the "couples" part of it, but not so much COR itself. In 2007, we decided to try CSS. We fell in love with CSS! Went to CN in 2008. That trip we decided no more trips to Mexico for us. From now on, it would be Jamaica. After several trips to Negril (all to CN except for 1), Ocho Rios was calling us back. We booked CSS for Sept 2011. At the last minute we booked the SR for Feb/Mar and were thrilled to get CTI. We will be back to CN in Sept 2012 for a reunion with the Sept 2009 couples we met!

    We can say with absolute certainty, FOR US there is no "best" Couples Resort. There are things we love about each of them and would return to any of them in a heartbeat
    CTI - Nov 06, Mar 11, Feb 12
    CSS - Sep 07, Sep 11, Sep 14
    CNG - Sep 08, Feb 09, Sep 09, Nov 10, Sep 12
    CSA - Jun 13

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    Great review ! Agreed about the facet that ALL the Couples resorts are great !

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