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    Default CN Now #1 All Inclusive on Trip Advisor

    As of April 6th, Couples Negril is listed 8th on the Popularity Index, and the first All Inclusive listed!! Yah Mon!!

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    Yay CN...Couples Negril.


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    Even ahead of CSA? Interesting...
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    As it should be !!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Yes CN is now on top. I have been watching the rankings for some time now and it seems CSA and CN are always switching ranks on TA with each other. For example a week ago CSA was ranked #1 AI.. What exactly determines the popularity? Does anyone know? It isn't the approval rating because CN is and has been 3% higher for quite some time and I think that's based on whether or not the reviewer recommends the resort in their review. TA's approval rating was actually one of the big reason we chose our first visit to Jamaica to be at CN over CSA so I couldn't understand why CSA was ranked higher with a lower approval rating than CSA at the time.

    Anyhow, from what I hear they're both great places. Only 15 more sleeps and we get to sample what all you folks are addicted to!


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    I would like to see this. Where on TA is it located? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherm View Post
    I would like to see this. Where on TA is it located? Thanks!
    Hotels in Negril rankings on Tripadvisor are here:

    Couples Negril is ranked #8 overall but is the 1st ranked All-Inclusive in Negril.


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