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    Default CSA Excursions May 21-28. Anyone got plans?

    We will be at CSA May 21-28. We are looking at taking a day to go off the resort to either YS Falls or Pelican Bar. Anyone else wanna go or already have plans? Also wanna go to Ricks one evening.

    Brad and Sara
    Denham Springs, La

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    We'll just miss you as we arrive on the 28th, but we are looking to do YS Falls and Pelican Bar as well. We are at CSA from May 28-June 2.

    I've seen postings from others for One Stop Tours and Reggae Tours. Not sure if one is better or cheaper than another. Any recommendations??

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    Haven't even began to search for tours. Probably need to do that. I figured the ride there would depend on the # of people going though.

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    My fiance (will be husband when we're there) & I will be there May 22 - 31st for our honeymoon. We were planning on doing our excursions on May 26th & 27th. The hotel is at capacity both of those days, so it seems like the best time to venture off of the resort. I for sure plan on going to Rick's and YS Falls. What is the Pelican Bar?

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    Count us in on the Pelican Bar trip! We will be on our honeymoon from May 23rd - June 2nd.

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