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    Default CN or CTI

    Looking to go to Jamica in July for our 25th anniversary. Wondering which resort. CN or CTI and why ?
    Are both same distance from airport ?

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    CTI is our choice. Made our 3rd visit last month. What are you looking for in your resort and that will help all of us give you suggestions as to which resort would be best for you. You will find alot of the people on the messageboard are bias based upon the resort we picked first.

    CN is about an hour from the airport.
    CTI is 2 hours from the airport.

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    CTI--We will be there July 2-9.

    Really it depends on what you are looking for in your vacation. They are both about the same distance, time wise, give or take 15 minutes.

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    Only you can really choose the resort. Read the reviews here on the message board for the resorts you are considering, visit the web pages. Eventually one will appeal or call to you more than another. If you have some specific questions or something particular you are looking for in a vacation we can help you but you will find die hard fans of all four resorts so to ask the generic question "which resort?" is just not helpful to's too personal. Every one of the four has the same great food and service but each has a different look, the rooms are different, each resort is totally different.

    CN is in Negril, roughly an hour and fifteen minutes from Montego Bay. CTI is in Ocho Rios, a little farther and more like an hour and a half or so. Both times can totally depend on what time you land and get out of the airport and what is going on in Montego Bay. We landed when it had been raining for 24 hours so roads were flooded, school was letting out and our driver said people were getting off work early due to the weather. Montego Bay traffic was a mess and the ride to Negril took almost 2 hours. I realize that's a fluke and probably a rare occurance but just realize that things can happen but otherwise the four resorts aren't significantly different in drive time...I wouldn't let that make my decision.

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    Thanks for your response. As far as what we are looking for, we haven't been on a vacation without our kids ever. So somewhere to totally relax and do nothing but spend quality time together. Dunn's Falls sounds cool but really and nice place with nice quite beach with someone waiting on our ever need :-)

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    dhf I highly recommend CTI. You will not be disappointed. Dunn's is something everyone should experience once. I have heard that CN shares its beaches with other resorts. That is the only reason we haven't been there. We like the privacy of CTI and feel like we are at a private beach. CTI has the magical blend of being small yet it NEVER feels crowded. You can relax, party, or fall in love again with your partner. I say 100% without a doubt try CTI first GET EXCITED

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    dht... We have been to CTI and CN a couple of times. We prefer CN because the beach is fabulous. We love the layout of CN. It feels more Caribbean. CTI seems more hotel like to us. Dunns River is a lot of fun. We have done that twice. When we want to go to Ocho Rios, we prefer CSS. We now trade back and forth each year between CN and CSS. This year we will be at CN July 1-9 and next year we already booked CSS for April. As other people have stated, it all depends on what you are looking for and what is important to you. You will love whichever Couples you select.

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    Hi dhf
    Our choice is CN, We have had some wonderful visits there. The resort is smaller than the others, the beach is fabulous, the atmosphere is very relaxed, the staff and food can't be beat.

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    We are returning in a few days to CN for our 5th visit. The beach is incredible. I don't know about stating that the beach is shared with other resorts. That's not the case. Others may walk along the waterline as they pass through, but security is posted at each end of the beach. The beach is pretty deep, so depending on where you sit, you don't even notice it. It's not like someone from another resort sits down on a lounger beside you, plants a red flag and orders up a drink from the CN staff!lol

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    We love CN and dislike CTI. The resorts are completely different from each other. Only you can decide which one is right for you. Do your research…a lot of research. Spend hours on the message board and ask more specific questions. One of them will call out to you. Then, don’t second guess yourself and you will have a wonderful time.

    We like the outdoorsy, nature atmosphere of CN and the beautiful long white sandy beach. We like the local musicians strolling by on the beach and serenading us. We like the calm waters of Bloody Bay and the relaxing Cat Cruise.

    We didn’t like the “hotel-like” feel of CTI, the small crowded beach, the choppy water, the lack of local musicians, the course hard sand on the beach and the exciting and scary Cat Cruise.

    As and example, let’s go from your room to dinner:

    CN: You walk out your front door and you are outside. You walk down the outdoor hallway and descend the outdoor stairs. You walk around the beautiful pool and into your restaurant, which is open to the outdoors and also has some outdoor seating.

    CTI: You walk out your front door and you are in a hotel hallway with rooms on each side. You walk down the hallway and take the elevator down to the lobby. You walk through the lobby, down another hallway and into your indoor restaurant.
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    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015, CN 2016, CN 2018, CN2019

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    Are you confused yet hahaha

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    We've only been to CN and CSA. The reason for that is the BEACH!!! Soft white sand, crystal blue, calm water you can float on all day. (Okay, one year the water was very choppy which made floating a very different experience, still fun though.)

    We live in land-locked Colorado, so the beach is very important to us. CN is our favorite. 61 more days!!!

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    Negril vs. Ocho Rios is the real decision. We chose Negril because of the beaches (soft powdery sand, bathtub water, ability to be walked), the sunsets, and the relaxed, chill out atmosphere. Then it was deciding on CN over CSA, and it sounds like you already have. You'll be happy with whatever you decide, and within 5 minutes of arriving you'll see it's really true.

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