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    Default Best Building to Be In?

    CN- wow terrific posts. So many returning guests. We have been to DR, Mexico and trying CN for the 1st time. We have booked an oceanview room but thanks to the previous post, I see we may get a partial oceanview. I have a couple of questions.
    Which is a quiet building to be in? Away from the road ( I read bldg 9 is loud). I am looking for a specific building to request when we get there.And, is the au natural that obvious to see from the rooms?
    Also, do we check in at the lounge or once we get to the resort?
    What is the WiFi like in the rooms?
    Are the room safes standard size?
    Of course I have read about how the resort is worn out but clearly the number of returning guests speak to how wonderful it is.
    Oh, what is the golf like? And, what is the best spa treatment?
    Thanks to the experts. I appreciate your tie in responding to my questions. Cheers.
    We are going May 19th with another couple..

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    Hello, well we are no experts! This is our first time to CN. We will be there May 15-22. We also got a oceanview room. I've seen on the MB that you can't really request a certain building, however I have seen on the MB if you get a room with a view of the AN beach that they would work with you to change your room. I believe you check in at the resort, the lounge is just for transportation to your resort. Ive read that the room safes are big enough to fit a laptop. Golf is "free". However, you must rent clubs if you don't bring them and also get a caddy. So free turns out to be about $100.00. We don't know if it would be worth leaving the beach to go golfing?? lol I plan on surprising my boyfriend with a couples massage, that sound wonderful right about now! Well hopefully some repeaters will chime in and give us their take on things! See ya there!

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    Default Not a problem

    We were first timers to CN and just returned from a weeks stay (24-31 March)... simply AMAZING. We were in Building 6 which had a view of the AN beach (its not a distraction). Great view of the ocean though with absolutely amazing sunsets views framed by palm trees...we were in room 6206.

    We loved our stay and simply can't wait to return!

    John and Diana

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    Below is a basic layout of the resort. In the area between buildings 1 and 6 you will find the main pool, lobby, gift shops, and restaurants. The spa is located between buildings 1 and 5. And building 9 butts up to the A/N beach. Only the rooms on that end of building 9 plus some of the upper floors of building 6 have any views of the A/N beach. There is plenty of vegetation within the 2 "horseshoe" clusters of buildings. The second picture shows our balcony view from the 2nd floor of building 7.

    We have stayed in buildings 1, 7, and 9 and have never had any problems with noise. However, if you go to bed early and are a light sleeper, the nightly entertainment, which finishes up around 10:00-10:30 p.m., is close to buildings 6 and 7 and could possibly interfere with your sleep.

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    We get an ocean view room too and we like building 8. Many people don't though because it is close to the road and you do hear road noise. I guess we can tune it out because it never bothers either of us. If I couldn't have 8, I think I would like 7 because it is close to everything (obviously 8 isn't much farther). Not sure if 5 has ocean view rooms but it looks like you would have a good vantage point of the ocean, but a long walk to everything. They are all so close, it doesn't matter. You are correct, you can't ask ahead of time but when you get there, you can. The first time we went, I thought I wanted 6 or 9. We got 8 and decided to see if we liked it and fell in love with the spot, so you may want to go to the room anyway and not ask for something different. You might be surprised. You do check in when you arrive at the hotel. The airport is just to get everyone organized and to the resorts! Have fun.

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    Wow, thank you for the response. You have no idea how much I appreciate the insight. My husband is a laid back kinda guy but I like to know details. The pictures are so helpful and you're right cleversole, I will probably love what we get. We are looking forward to going.

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    I just want to say that I have never thought the rooms were worn out. The place is awesome. The rooms have a laid back Jamaican feel. They are very clean and well kept. The safes are standard size. I've never known anyone to complain about the traffic noise. You forget there is traffic anywhere!
    All your troubles melt away and it is all good!!

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    This will be our 5th trip to CN and I think we've stayed in a different building each time. I personally love the "surprise" of seeing where our room is each year so we don't ask for a particular building. Each room/bldg. that we've stayed in over the years seemed to have something different and special about it.

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    CSA would be the resort with people having road noise issues. This is based on the TA reviews of CN and CSA and not personal experience. We're there in 17 more days for the first time as well!

    I hope you have a great holiday!


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    Can anyone tell me the best spa treatment?

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    Default Best Spa Treatment

    I love the peppermint sea twist. I have one every year before going back to the cold. I find it relaxing and it makes my skin feel great.
    I am not high Maintenance, I am deservedly Spoiled!

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