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    Default Red Bull, not Red Stripe

    I know there will be plenty of Red Stripe available, but does anyone know if they have Red Bull?

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    Default Bring your own

    They have red bull available at the gift shop for 3.50 a can. Wife and I brought a 12 pack purchased at walmart. Drank it all and probably saved $30. We also packed a bottle of jagermeister and had bombs before going out to shake off the long hot sun days and put some pep in our step. Have fun!!

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    They do have Red Bull. It is located in the little store beside the Otaheite Restaurant - I don't believe the offer it at the bars and you do have to pay for it. It will be on the bottom shelf in front of the cashier.

    Enjoy your trip we just returned last night from our week @ CN - loved it and can't wait to go back!!

    Stacey & Travis
    Sylvan Lake, AB Canada

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    Default bring yor own ????

    sorry im new im going in sept 21-28 so your saying pack the bottle and red bull in the lugage that goes under the plane? because me and the wife love bombs would really be happy if you could answer that for me thanks

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