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    Default March 25 to April 1 who else????? Cmon people Ire ;)

    Alright folks, time to get some pics for all to see. Who are you, where are you from? You know the deal.

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    Here ya go....but Leo, you already know what we look like

    Karen & Ken
    Pepperell Mass
    March 23 - April 2
    9th visit to CN
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    Damn you two look good! Can't wait! We will have to dine together on lobster night and see how many of those water bugs we can eat!!! I will get a pic up there to continue the picture thread.

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    Default Karen and Ken do you remember dale and Deb?

    Cant wait
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    Default Cant wait!!!

    Se ya all at sunset
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    We'll be there on the 24th. We'll make sure to save a couple drinks. First timers or I'd tell you where we'll meet...Oh, and we're from Clemson, SC!
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    Bob and Nancy March 24th-29th. First timers!
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    Default You guys are crazy!

    Hi Leo and Kelly....

    Hope you've had a good year. That picture of us was taken on our way to a Red Sox game last summer. Oh the days of summer....or Spring time in Jamaica! Of course we remember Dale and Deb...we had actually met them in 2009. I haven't heard from them and don't know if they're going this year. Tim and Stacy from Chicago will be there. I think they arrive the day after we do. Ken is looking forward to Lobsta night. I'm looking forward to it all!

    See ya soon


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    Hey All,

    Good to see you guys all have your trips lined up for the same time as last year. We cheated a little and went to CTI for the New Year.

    It was nice to see the resort again and New Year's Eve was a great time. It was quite windy, so we hopped the shuttle to Sans Souci most days. Their beach is very protected from the wind. KK on New Years Eve day there were 70-80 people on "the beach". So all in all it was a great holiday.

    March is getting to be a very busy month for me, which is the real reason we went in January. We really miss CN, but don't think it will be in the cards this year. At best we would catch a last minute flight and come down for 4 or 5 days.

    You guys have a great time.

    Dale & Deb

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    Dale and Deb- Just get on that plane!! lets party!!Bob and Nancy- We should be there around 1. The best place to meet at that time is at the pool bar!! First round on you Ken- I will eat more lobsta than you.

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    If you eat more lobster than me, you'll need an extra seat on your return flight! Lookin forward to a few cold ones too. bob

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    Default Hi Dale and Deb

    Hi Guys...Good to hear from you. I'm sure New Years Eve was a blast. I wanted to go for Christmas but it didn't work out...maybe this year.

    We've had a rough winter and tons of snow this year. I am SO ready for this trip. Only 39 more days for us.

    Maybe we'll see you ... you know where we'll be


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    Default March 20-27 Our 3rd Time Jenn and Mark

    Looking forward to meeting all of you and watching you first timers drink that delicious Bob Marley.
    We are from Colorado and Mark is the visiting tennis pro for the week so we want to see you all come out at least one day to the courts for some fun and exercise. (or just to clean out the previous evenings cocktails)
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    Where are you from in Colorado? We met and were married in Denver. Lived there from 1980-1985! The only place I have ever lived that I would go back to in a second! Nancy

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    Default Tennis?

    Do you mean exercise?? I dont know that I can pull that off. How about V ball? The bob Marley is a great idea.

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    I will enjoy trying to eat more lobster than you or anybody for that matter :P

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    As long as you two leave a bite or two and a cold one I'll be happy! Nancy

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    Nancy, we live in Denver. You will have a great time at CN! Looking forward to meeting you guys. Leonkelly, last time at CN we recruited some of our new friends at the pool bar to come out and hit some balls at the afternoon tennis social (see pic below). Mark had the jamaican tunes cranking while we hit balls and had a good time (even after a round of BM's at the pool bar). Any level is welcome and there are always extra racquets. What night is lobster night? We will be there!
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    I think its a lobster fest if you ask me!! Nancy and Bob e are in for a great week! Cant wait

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    Default The pool bar

    Be looking for us here after lunch just bout every day
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    We hate you I mean we hate you!!!!

    We miss you Kelly

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    John and Diana 24-31 March

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    Paul & Kim will be there March 29 - April 5. We have never been to Jamaica. We'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary on the 30th. Trying to get these bods in beach shape!!Name:  paul & kim.jpg
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    Jenn and Mark, Friday is lobster night. I will give the tennis thing a shot. Who knows I might be the next great thing on the court dont think so.
    Doug n Carolyn- I love you man. Cmon on down!!You can do it!!

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    If you had told us in advance, before we booked our flight last Thursday (You knew a couple of weeks ago) I could have done something. But NOOOOOOOO you bailed on us in November and are now going in March. Fine, be that way.
    By the way. before I booked the flight we changed our visit to two and a half weeks so we could really enjoy it there.
    What, you did it on purpose and now feeling guilty???? Don't want to associate with us or me. That OK! There are plenty of great people that will be at CN when we are there, enjoying the warm sun before we return to our 5 day Tanksgiving holiday weekend to recover.....


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