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    Your spouse.

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    After Christmas this year my fiance and I found some teeny tiny perfumes (1/2 oz. stocking stuffers) on clearance so I picked a couple up in anticipation of our honeymoon at CSS in 03/2012. Of course the TSA rules regulate all liquids or gels be in containers of 3.4 oz or less and fit in one 1 qt zip top bag, but our plan is to take some partially used (approved size) containers for items we may rarely need, that way when we use them up we can pitch them out instead of taking a full bottle and bringing home a 1/2 empty bottle!
    Many of the stores like Target, Walmart etc have travel sections with small size shampoo, shower gel and such that you might find work as well or better than your partially used bottles depending on how partially used your bottles are when it's time for your trip. I love shopping that isle anyway as it gets me excited for the trip. The other thing you can find in that isle are bottles that you can use to put some shower gel or shampoo or whatever in for travel. Both these are nice because even though your partially used bottles may weigh less they are still a bigger bottle and will take up room in your luggage that you may find precious on the way home when you want to pack those souveniers!

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    You can take almost anything that is legal in your checked bag. My wife used to take a small suitcase of just shoes but we live in a small market and bags are now $45+ pp each way now and we have been without luggage a few times because they were lost and that was miserable. Now we can get everything that we need in a carry on bag for a week. When you are at an all inclusive you are in a bathing suit 10 hours per day so we do not need that much.

    After 35 cruises we have learned to pack light and send the stuff out for laundry service midway through the stay. Most all inclusive resorts have this option also. We take multiple bottles of 3 oz sunscreen in our carry on bags.

    Do not put anything in checked bags that you can not afford to lose. Leave the jewelry and large sums of cash at home. Everyone takes credit cards except for beach vendors and ganja guys. We bring around $50 in singles and some small bills for tips to baggage guys.

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    Read your Airlines baggage rules. Our local JetBlue Airlines does not allow mace or pepper spray in checked nor carryon bags. Some folks have these on keychains, so be aware of individual airline policies. Some airlines have additional restrictions than just what TSA lists.

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    For perfume and cologne, get some of those small give-away samples. Should last you a week. Also be careful with the credit cards...for one, they charge you an extra international tax...and two, we had our CC number stolen by a vendor in Ocho Rios during the shopping excursion. Better to bring a bit of cash and/or traveler's checks.

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