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    Default CSA wedding, better than we hoped for

    We have just returned from CSA which was the best holiday either of us have experienced and the wedding was just magical

    We were married at 3pm on the beach gazebo, our first worries were the amount of people who would be there due to the sun loungers in the surrounding area, however we both had eyes only for each other during the ceremony and were totally oblivious to the `guests` until the cheers went up when we were pronounced husband and wife, at that point we both felt quite over-whelmed by the amount of people that had come to watch and it was a lovely feeling

    Sherieka our wedding co-ordinator did a marvellous job and did every detail we had asked for for to perfection. The hotel photographers did an amazing job, better than we had ever hoped for. I was shaking so much from nerves and it was the kind, reassuring hug that came from Ce-on the photographer that put me at ease, I really appreciated it. I had my hair done at the resort salon and she did a lovely job which stayed in place through to the evening when we went to the piano bar. They were in the middle of `guess the tune` when they stopped and congratulated us both, then made Karl serenade me which was touching (and funny)

    We also had the resort videographer who did a fantastic dvd of the ceremony, reception and us walking, talking and simply just being together around the resort, he did a lovely job which included all our wedding songs and the 10 minute ceremony

    If anyone is thinking of choosing this resort and the photographer then I would highly recommend. We had the $500 package which was perfect

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like any information

    Here is the link to my Facebook photos for the wedding

    Karl & Di

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    Congrats!Your photos are awesome and you made a beautiful bride!!!! Glad to hear all went well

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    You both looked amazing!

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    beautiful pictures thanks for sharing

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    Thanks! Now I'm not so nervous about us using the resort photographer! The pics and u guys look amazing!

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