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    Default CTI Beach question

    We are 48 days away from our first Couples vacation and my husband and I are already talking about our next one! LOL! We are going to CSA but would like to check out the other side of the island someday. We thought about booking CTI this time but we are traveling with friends who have never been to Jamaica and wanted to show them the beach that we still (2 years later) can't stop talking about! I really love the idea of CTI having a private beach but is it anything like 7 mile? Obviously I know its is much, much smaller but does it have the powder soft sand and calm water like Negril?

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    No the beach at CTI and CSS, however nice, are nothing of the " dream " beach you will experience in Negril. The water is not as calm. and however warm, not as warm as Negril.

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    Then CTI beach has been called too small on this board. Compared top 7 mile I'm sure it is, but it is still PERFECT!!! Booked for next year 9 days after returning home this time!
    The Greens

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    No, I hear CTI beach is not similar at all. The sand is browner and coarser, the waves are larger and more constant. But that is our experience in December. Perhaps it is calmer other months?

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    As you said, the CTI beach is small. The sand is powder soft and the waves are calm and gently because of the reef just offshore. The staff rakes the beach each morning, leaving nothing but sand. Grab a kayak and paddle out or a Hobie and sail. Beach Volleyball and plenty of lounge chairs out there and the staff will come out and ask you if you want anything from the bar and then bring it to you. My wife and I were there the end of March and can't wait to go back! Nice...

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    From everything I've read, and folks I've talked to, the water is choppier and the sand is grittier.

    I can't say that water surface and sand quality have played any part in us NOT choosing Ochi.

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    The difference between the beach at CSA and CTI are like night and day. I'm not saying one is better than the other. Both are excellent resorts!

    The water at CTI is usually calm but the sand is not so powder soft. If you like the large beach at CSA you may be disappointed by the smaller beach at CTI. One of the other major differences is the gorgeous sunsets you get to experience at CSA that aren't available at CTI, unless you do the catamaran cruise.

    The private beach can be a plus though as you won't have anyone wandering the beach except those from the resort. The tendancy is to get to know more people because there are more "common areas" that guests frequent.

    Each Couples resort has something a little different. This means that not all resorts will appeal to all people. Some people have a preference for a more compact resort like CTI over a more spread out resort like CSA. Others are just the opposite. It certainly can't hurt to try it to see if it's a good fit for you.

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    I have never been to Negril bt can tell you about my experience at CTI. The beach is small and very private. It is not the right place for you if you enjoy long walks on the beach. If you were walking slowly it would take approx 5 minutes to walk from end to end. However the water was warm and fairly calm most days and personally my husband and I enjoyed the privacy. As for the sand I wouldn't say its powder soft, I would rate it average. I'm sure wherever you end up you'll love it. Enjoy your trip!

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    The sand is soft and not brown. The water can be calm or not. However, what we like about the beach at CTI is that it is private as stated above plus, it is quiet. There are no jet skis or motor boats racing around out front. The only boats are the ones from CTI--not from all the other resorts as there are none.

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    How about some pics to see the difference?

    Dive Boat and North Beach (first two) are from CSA. Beach and CTI water (second two) are from CTI. Not sure if the picture labels will be posted when they are uploaded.
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    The sand is alright. I have been to beaches where it is alot whiter and softer but it is definately a very clean beach! I loved how it was just people from the resort on the beach. But then again I would love to go back to Jamaica some day and see the 7mile beach and wonderful sunsets! We went on the Cat. cruise and were back at the resort well before the sun was setting in Feb. I honestly think wherever you visit first will always be your favorite!

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    My wife Peggy and I are beach people and while the Negril beaches are awesome to us,the beach at CTI suits our needs very well..I actaually love CTI's beach...It has everything we need and offers a very beautiful view.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    CTI is certainly private and quiet... no vendors or jet skiis. Form some this a pro, for others they like the vendors and action.
    The CTI beach is without a doubt smaller and you cannot go for the long, off property walks (even within the CSA property the beach is much longer than CTI's)
    The sand at CTI is firmer and browner, but it wasn't really a concern so much for us, since you're sitting in chairs. I stopped comparing after Turks & Caico's pristine white icing sugar beach.
    However the bottom quality is something to consider. When we were at CTI a young lady sliced her foot open on a rock. When we were at CSS a guy stepped on an urchin. Going back to CTI or CSS I would wear water shoes after witnessing that. There's also seaweed/grass in the water. At CSA it was shallow and sandy and not a thing to step on.
    For us Negril was dead calm while CTI was red flagged all week, so swimming was a challenge and floating meant grab onto the ropes. I know that varies, but it seems the Ochi area gets more wind/rough waters.
    A thing that does not vary is direction. Negril beaches face West, so you can sit and face a bit south, gradually turning west towards the sunset. On the North side the sun goes around over/behind the buildings, so many people face away from the water all day to catch the sun., and the shade from the buildigns comes in over much of the beach in the afternoon. Not quite as nice.
    Then there's the trees. CTI does have a few tall plams, but the CSA beachfront is much more lush with lots of palms and other plants.
    We did love our trip to CTI (and CSS) but next time, being beach people, Negril it is. We do miss CSA more for the beach... but there is more than the just the beach...
    So you decide...

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