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    Default CN - 1st Time Qs- Crowds and Lobster Shack?

    Hello all,

    I've browsed the message boards for awhile in preparation of my wife and I's anniversary trip at CN coming up April 23-30, and have learned a lot of insightful information.

    I just had a couple questions as first-timers to Couples:

    1) It looks like the resort is booked for the week we are there - for those that have gone at full capacity, does it feel crowded or is there any advice? We stayed at an S resort for our honeymoon which was booked for half the week we were there - it was warfare for a pool floaty....

    2) I've read a bit about a lobster shack (Office of Nature?) up the beach from CN. I understand there are two - the blue tarp further up the beach is the original one. What do they offer during the non-lobster season? Any recommendations?

    Thanks for the input, can't wait!

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    This will be our fifth time to cn at about this time of year. We'll be there apr 19-29! Never seems crowded-plenty of chairs and floaties at the pool and beach. The swim up bar might be the closest in the afternoon to being a little crowded but you meet the best folks that way! You are going to love cn!

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    CN has been at or near capacity everytime we have been there and it has never felt crowded. Which is one of the reasons we keep going back.

    Sorry, can't help with any info on the OON.


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    My and I were there during Valentines Day week. CN was at full capacity and never seemed crowded. Beach Lounge chairs and floaties were always available as were lounges and floaties at the pool. Never waited for seating at any of the restaurants and most importantly never waited for a drink. Relax and enjoy your vacation. We are from NY and anything outside of NY never seems crowded to us.

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