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    Default Wildlife at Couples Sans Souci

    We are keen amateur wildlife spotters and have been charmed by all the birds, animals and other wildlife you can see just from a stroll around the fabulous CSS gardens .
    We saw ... pelicans ( a pair live on the lake ) , lots of lake terrapins , Cattle egrets and Little Egrets . The Egrets seem to meet on the lawn at sunset and then fly off to a tree near the spa for their nightly noisy roost . There is a hummingbird in permanent residence in a tree above a hammock at the back of Casanova restaurant . He is always there , so plenty of photo opportunities.
    There are several types of geckos and lizards and big yellow striped banana spiders . Crabs can be seen on the rocks below the mineral pool and hermit crabs seem to congregate at the right hand edge of sunset beach . We saw large fruit bats and smaller ones ? type. Also , thrillingly , one night we saw an owl chase a bat over by the volleyball nets on main beach .
    There are lots of colourful fish to the right of the little beach near the lower spa massage area .
    We had fleeting glimpses of mongooses in the grounds . There are the two resident parrots : Cracker, who can leave his cage, says hello and goodbye but does not like being stroked ( by me, anyway ). The Pallazina parrot is quiet but does seem to like a cuddle .
    What else ? Lots of smaller birds and heron-type birds. I wish I had bought a book to identify them all .
    Phew ! Hope this helps any other keen wildlife spotters .

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    Thank you for that I will be sure to check out the hummingbird.I have seen many there but never had a photo. When we stayed in A block one of the ducks would come up to our patio every morning, that was so funny. We just love the wildlife there.

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    Nice post Una! The pond at css is a magical place and our favorite hammock location. I was able to catch a great photo of one of the beautiful pelicans. It is on page two of the March photo contest entries. I like your idea of bringing a wildlife book! Also, if you go up the stairwell to the top floor in A block nearest ssb you will see the bats resting during the day. 301 days till we return home. Soon come!

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    What do you call more than one mongoose in Jamaican patois? De mongoose dem.

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    You forgot the turtles in the pond, and, of course, the frogs!

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    I have an INTENSE fear of spiders..... That being said, I understand I'm going to the tropics and they exist, I'm entering their home. However, will I experience big spiders in areas that I would be frequenting, or just along paths where I might notice them but not be bothered? Don't like the thought of one in my room!!


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    You forgot the blind duck by the pond, (we called him Stevie).

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    For those who were lucky enough in the last couples of weeks to experience the baby turtles. We only saw a few headed to the ocean on Sunset Beach, but the week before they stated there were hundreds of them. They were truly cute.
    In regards to Spiders. I too hate spiders, however, outside I see their purpose. I never saw, or heard anyone who did experience spiders in their room. I experienced the staff in the morning knocking down the spider webs from the trees. Of course, they only were back the next day : )
    IMO the spiders are working, because I did not receive one mosquito bite while at CSS. I brought bug spray but never had to use it !

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    Lots of big spiders here now. None in the room though. Watch for their webs in the trees as you walk around the spa, mineral pool area.

    Other items of interest would be the tree frogs, the starling type birds that steal your fries, and the cats. We saw one cat help itself to the salad bar last night while dining around the pool area. It was after everyone had eaten of course, so it was rather funny.

    Also we just saw a hawksbill turtle hatch on SSB. Once in a lifetime!

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