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    Default CN first timers! Nov/Dec 2013

    My wife and I have been married for 2 and a half years and already have 2 kids. Both girls. We are both 24 and we had our 2 girls within a year of each other. Since my wife's goal is to breastfeed her babies for a full year this will basically mean 2 years of solid breast feeding which is quite the commitment. Our latest was born a month ago so we still have a ways to go but we have decided to treat ourselves to a nice vacation when she is done... Leaving the girls with the grandparents of course!
    I have been doing lots of research and know now exactly where I want to take her. We got pregnant pretty quick after being married (not planned) and we have yet to have a really nice honeymoon. I want to go someplace tropical with good drinks and beach and of course somewhere au natural so I can enjoy her body since she won't have a baby belly anymore! So of course I have chosen to go to CN. After reading a lot of forums I think couples really is the best and CN sounds like exactly my kind of place.
    I'm posting because I wanted to see if other people similar to our age are going (similar in age in body or spirit). We are both pretty outgoing, love to make friends, drinking, and smoking... The catch is we are not going until last of November/beginning of December in 2013. I know it's a long ways off and I doubt many others know that far ahead but I figured I'd see anyway. Even though is it so far off I am soo excited I can't stay off the forums and just decided to go ahead and post. Obviously I'll repost when the time is closer as well. I just know I'm going to love CN, my first au natural (where we willmspend most of our vacation) experience and look forward to meeting nice people and making lasting friends and of course have a good time. If anyone by chance knows they will be there around that time please let me know!

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    Congatulations! You have made a perfect choice!
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    We are heading to cn the end of this nov in preparation for lots of baby care to come, I'm due in the begining of Jan. Have an amazing time at cn, there will be lots of fun to be had! Word to the wise, don't wean by jeadigto jamaica or your wife will be in pain for the first half of the trip!
    Congrats! Your family deserves it!

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