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    Default CN vs. CSS

    My boyfriend and I went to Couples Negril last year and absolutely loved it! We were curious if it would be worth it to try out another resort. Anyone have some pros and cons for the two, or prefer one to the other?

    Thank you!!

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    The two resorts are completely different. I'm sure plenty of people will help explain the differences to you. We rate CN a 10, CSS an 8, CSA a 5 and CTI a 1. We just spent a week at CSS followed by a week at CN. Love them both. I'd suggest a split, with CSS first and CN second (if you can afford it). You can't beat the first couples resort you went to.
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    Hi mams,

    We've been to both, and while we really liked CSS, CN is home for us. We prefer the longer white sand beach (CSS beach is eh, not so much), and we like the compactness of CN. CSS has LOTS of steps. Even though we stayed in a Beachfront Suite at CSS, it seemed like we were always having to climb the stairs - reception, gift shop, internet cafe, etc. are on the top level.

    Here's a link to my video with both resorts in it:

    Either resort has great food and service. You can't really go wrong. Let us know which one you decide.

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    Never been to CN, but CSS is our home. Love the romantic feel to the place, hidden nooks and crannies, places to explore. Beaches are private and calm. Often feel like you are alone with your honey, even at full capacity. Service is outstanding. Yes, there are steps, but who's in a hurry there? Besides, it works off some of the calories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beergirl View Post
    We've been to both, and while we really liked CSS, CN is home for us.
    We have been to both CSS and CN too and while we loved the beach at CN, CSS is home for us. The beach is better at CN, but it had too much of a 'party' feel for us. We preferred the more intimate feeling of CSS. Plus you can't beat the views at CSS! So gorgeous! depends on what you are looking for. If you want more of a party atmosphere and the big beach is important to you, then you want CN. If you like a smaller, more intimate feel to your resort, and you are looking for a smaller private beach, then CSS is definitely for you. Hope that helps!

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    We stayed at CSS for 4 days then went to CN for 7, We stayed at CN 2 years ago and really liked it, the second time around was not as good, and it may havee something to do with the room comparison. CSS rooms are a lot bigger with a seperate bedroom and a walk in bathroom with walk in large shower, the bedroom has a large flat screen TV as well as the living room. the balcony is large and has a huge love seat chase lounge that we just absolutely fell in love with. The views are out of this world, the rooms are current with key cards for access. The beach does not compare to the CN beach which is definately tops at CN. We noticed that it was an older crowd at CSS, at CN there seemed to be a wide variety of ages. The staff at both resorts was excellent as well as entertainment, CN is more lively at night with its disco tech, CSS basically shuts down after the nightly entertainment show. We will go back to CSS for a week just to see if our opinion changes. But definately try them both and decide for your self!! have fun!!!

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    Thank you everyone!! I think CN is our place!

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    Thank you everyone!! It sounds like CN is the way to go for us! Can't wait to get back : )

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    Sometimes the first choice is THE choice. When we first went 4 years ago, I had been leaning towards Negril and mostly CN. I didn't want to make the choice without my then-BF, now hubby so I let him look over the brochure and he picked CSA and that is truly the place for us. We visited CN on our last visit, and while nice, CSA is still "home" for us. I think it's awesome that Couples has four such different properties - something for everyone!

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    Came across this post during my hunt for which resort to go to! We are deciding between these two resorts as well, my initial and gut reaction is CSS because of all the exploring to do. We have been bored at other resorts that seem too compact. However we are late 20s, and wondered about the age of people at CSS. We don't want a party resort....been there done that...not worth the hang overs However, we definitely want to be entertained and have the opportunity to meet people.


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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    I love CN and will be back for the third time in April. I have been very tempted to try CSS but I've read that the beach just isn't as nice , that it is rocky. I'm afraid I would be disappointed. Hubby and I spend all our time at the AN beach so not sure if CSS would be a good choice. Opinions?

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    We went to CN last year and had great time. But we have also been to CTI the year before. We are going to each resort that couples has each year. Next year we will be going to CSA. My thing is if it is Couples regardless which one. You will never go wrong. Hope you have a great time with whatever resort you chose. Oh it's Couples no worries mon!!!

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    I forgot to mention we will be at CSS Nov. 29- Dec. 6.

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    BamaDude, we'll see you there. We arrive December 1-8. Save us a few dirty bananas. Have you checked out the meet up threads?

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    If we could move CSS to the beach at CN, it would be perfect! :-)

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    Default Au natural..

    Quote Originally Posted by misskathyi2009 View Post
    I love CN and will be back for the third time in April. I have been very tempted to try CSS but I've read that the beach just isn't as nice , that it is rocky. I'm afraid I would be disappointed. Hubby and I spend all our time at the AN beach so not sure if CSS would be a good choice. Opinions?
    kathy, we too have been to both resorts ( CN & CSS ). We went to CN first and loved it so much, we thought there was no point in trying any others. However we are very glad we did. They are both def. very opposite in almost every way possible, but both have their pros and cons.
    CSS' pros are the au natural beach ( hands down, bigger and better ) and the staff is friendlier.
    I think we still prefer CN by a lil, but CSS is def. worth a try, esp. if you like au natural beaches.

    you wont know if you dont go......just something to think about :-) M & N

    72 more days.......

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    We were CNaholics went in 06 & 07. We met several couples there and travelled with them in 07. We decided to try CSS in 08 and boy we were nervous. We fell in love with CSS for completely different reasons. At CSS the grounds are incredible, the spa huts over the ocean are to die for. Every room has ocean views real ocean views! Room service all 3 meals. We love the 1 bdrm ocean suite with balcony! We love the extra large balcony with the double chaise and table and chairs facing the ocean. We have coffee/breakfast in the morning, and cocktails or wine to the treefrogs in the evening. We have even fallen asleep out there to the lull of the treefrogs.

    There is a certain romance about CSS that cannot be duplicated. The A/N area is IMO the best of all the Couples resorts, the staff and management here are special. We returned to CSS as a group in 10 and some of the others were forutnate enough to repeat in 11, and 12.

    We are returning to CN in 13 because it has been awhile and I do miss it. I will not lie it was a very tough decision. I could flip a coin over which is my favorite, we truly love them both that much!

    I really think you should give it a try.
    Expect different it is suppose to be!

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