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    okay, so between sept or oct which month would be better? (if there is much difference in the two, i'm worried about rain and hurricane season) Also, I'm torn between CN or CSA. I love the beach and would love to stay in a beach front. does one have better beach front rooms? also, which resort is best for beach weddings?

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    Both September and October are still hurricane season so you could experience a storm either time...but that's just luck of the draw, no way to predict. Last year happened to be a rough year for storms but other years Jamaica doesn't see much activity at all. As far as rain, technically October is the rainiest month but are you going to get more rain the last week of September versus first week of October just because the calendar's hard to predict the weather. The rain (outside of storms) comes in short showers in the afternoons, it will last anywhere from a half hour to a couple hours. It's still warm so many people choose to stay outside but you can go back to your room for a nap if you prefer. We spent one afternoon on our verandah watching the rain fall and it was a very relaxing experience.

    Look at the web pages for room descriptions, they are very accurate. At CSA the beachfront verandah suites literally step off into the sand. They face the ocean so the view is spectacular. I haven't been to CN but from reading here it seems that no room faces the ocean, if you look at the map you can see that the buildings sit at an angle. If you keep looking over each web page and read reviews for each resort here you'll eventually decide that one is calling to you more than another.

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    I'd go in October so you can be there for the anniversary party!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    thanks for the info sherrynchuck!

    coloradojuli-which resort has the anniversary party?

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