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    I was wanting to know do most people try and book activities like private dinners and other things before they get to couples or after? I have been told to do it both ways and wanted to see what other people did?

    Thanks Robin

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    we didn't do the private dinner but we booked everything else, dunns river, dolphin cove, after we got to the resort

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    Resort activities can't be booked until you get to the resort. For off resort excursions I would wait until you get there. You may find that you want to not leave the resort.

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    When I e-mailed about booking for the couples on-the-beach dinner at CTI, it was suggested I call a few weeks in advance to set it up. So I figure I'll call them about 3-4 weeks in advance. I figure, it can't hurt to arrange it well in advance, if possible, as that way the odds of being told, "we're booked up that day, can we do another day?" are far less.

    (Giving his wife a couples massage and on-the-beach dinner for her b-day!)

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    The activities and reservation restaurants can not be booked until after arrival.

    The private dinner can be arranged before or after you arrive. If you have a specific day in mind, you should book it before hand to make sure there is space available.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We booked as soon as we physically arrived at the resort (CTI) and had no problem getting confirmed. I believe the resort was about 90% full at the time.

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