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    Default garden view verandah suite

    I just found out we are in a garden view verandah suite, initially we thought we would be in a plain garden view. Are the gvvs in the new section? Are they nice and secluded like the old section garden views? Are the bathrooms updated? Haven't been in three years and I understand there have been some changes. Can anyone fill in the blanks?

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    We have stayed in the Garden Verandah Suites the past two years and will again in April. They are nice! They are in the newer section. The bathrooms are large. They are the same inside as the Ocean Verandah and Beach Verandah Suites, just a different location. Some say the road noise is noticeable, but it has never bothered us.

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    You didn't say which resort but I assume you mean CSA.The garden verandah suites are very nice and both times we tried them we faced the koi pond among foliage and wooden bridges over the pond.The foliage is not as lush because that side of the resort is about 5 years old.It is beautiful and the tree frogs will sing you to sleep.We love the gvs, have a great trip.

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