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    Default Couples Swept Away - April 2011

    At night at Couples Swept Away April 14th 2011
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    Default Fun in the Sun

    March 2010
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    1. With so many sunset pictures I went for a sunrise picture
    2. Fun with new hairdos for water sports guys. The staff is our favorite part of Couples Negril.
    3. View from our room
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    Picture 1: dinner on the beach at CTI

    Picture 2: some desserts from the massive display put on at CTI

    Picture 3: on the beach at CTI

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    Default Couples Negril, March 9-16, 2011

    The beauty of Couples is in the details ...

    Photo 1: Tags to match your bags
    Photo 2: Syrup of the Day! (banana)
    Photo 3: Our favorite drinks by the pool

    Name:  March 2011.Jamaica 939 [1600x1200].jpg
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    Name:  March 2011.Jamaica 622 [1600x1200].jpg
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    Name:  March 2011.Jamaica 183 [1600x1200].jpg
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    Default Daily swimming lessons!!!

    This was Spike giving her daily swimming lesson to Nicole who was always afraid of the water until they both met on a previous trips to CN. Every afternoon around 1:30PM Nicole's mom Lucy (beach vendor) has her all ready and waiting for our arrival!!!!!
    Pics 2&3 all you really need for the beach, thong earings and necklace!!! If your not doing AN LOL

    Name:  CCF11052010_00002_edited.jpg
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    Couples Negril April 23, 2011

    The view from our little piece of heaven.

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    Hmm. Picture doesn't show, but the link is there when I edit.

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    Images by Bradford Rock on vacation at CSA April 25th 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Questor View Post
    Hmm. Picture doesn't show, but the link is there when I edit.
    Take the slash off the end, and use .jpgs not .pngs.

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    Default April 2011 photo submission

    The sun setting on another perfect day in Jamaican paradise
    Name:  sunset1.jpg
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    At Couples Resorts, your glass is always half full
    Name:  pendant2.jpg
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    Default April 2011

    Picture 1: Newcomers are always welcomed.
    Picture 2: A native enjoying the all you can eat bread buffet.
    Picture 3: Our jungle guide pointing us in the direction of the natural spring.

    Name:  2 Mommy & Baby Bird.jpg
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    Joe & Erin
    Couples 2011 - CTI 4/16-4/23, CSS 4/23-5/1
    Couples 2012 - CN 9/1-9/8, CSA 9/8-9/15
    Couples 2014 - CTI 9/6-9/13, CSA 9/13-9/15, CTI 9/15-9/20
    Couples 2016 - CTI 6/4-6/18

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    Default Csa 2010

    1. This will do...
    2. Boat pointed into the sunset
    3. Elegant dinner setting
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    Default April Contest

    There are a lot of great photos in the contest this month! Here is my humble entry. A little crab at CSS holding on to Couples's logo fingernails
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    Ok. Hopefully this works....

    These photos are from our stay at Couples Swept Away in April. We had a fantastic time...celebrating two 40th birthdays!!

    1) Laying in a hammock staring up at that amazing lighted palm.
    2) A perfect picture of a palm with the shipwreck in the background.
    3) Amazing capture of the beach palms with the Couples Dive-Boat anchored and awaiting.

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    Was I supposed to use the 'Insert Image' icon in the 'Reply to Thread' window?

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    Default amazing pics

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
    We had a spectacular time, and these photos are memories till next time. Sun rise, A new start to every morning. The island, A Jewel in the ocean. The flower, Natures own beauty.
    beautiful pictures..i especially love the flower pic, so simply but very pretty!!!

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    Default Heaven!

    These are some of my favorite pics from CTI the beginning of Feb! Can't wait to come back someday and make more great memories...

    Loved watching the "shellguy" come visit daily, the island, and one of the Couples boats. A perfect view from a beach chair relaxing!

    Loved the way all the colors pop in this picture. Taken from one of the great rocking benches on the main balcony

    The day coming to a close as the beach starts to clear out

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    Default Can't help but fall in love...with Couples Resorts (April Photo Contest)!

    Evening Stroll
    Name:  Horseback Ride.jpg
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    Picture #1: Enjoying watching sun set from one of several beach bars at Couples Swept Away (visited CSA Feb 20-Feb 23, 2011)

    Sunset Catamaran Cruise
    Name:  Sunset Cruise.jpg
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    Picture #2: Sunset catamaran cruise returning to Couples Swept Away (visited CSA Feb 20-Feb 23, 2011)

    Name:  Hubby Enjoying Sunset.jpg
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    Picture #3: Perfection! I'm talking about my husband...he's talking about that cigar! Hubby enjoying sunset at Couples Negril (visited Couples Negril Feb 17-Feb 20, 2011

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    These are two of my favorite pictures from our vacation at CN.

    Tropical flower at CN

    Not everyone is at a Couples Resort lounging and watching the sunset.
    Stay Irie, Mon!

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    Default Deleted

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    The CTI effect...4 years on I can't wait for a repeat

    The best morning view in the world...

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    Default Fantastic Time at CSS

    This is was the view from G10 at CSS.

    HDR of the sunset.
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    Default CSA April 2011

    We went to Couples Swept Away for our 1 year anniversary (we got married there last year) in April and loved every minute! We hope to make it back home soon!

    He's still smiling... meaning he hasn't taken the Bob Marley shot yet!
    Name:  Picture 3.jpg
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    There is truly no place like home
    Name:  Picture 2.jpg
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    Our favorite place in our Atrium Suite
    Name:  Picture 1.jpg
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    #1 Gorgeous view from Steve McQueen.
    #2 On Jamaica time.
    #3 The beauty that is CSS.
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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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