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    Default Wedding planning problem

    My fiance are wanting to get married at CSS in Feb or Mar 2012 and I sent an email to the u.s. wedding planner to ask questions and try to get things started, this was over a month ago and I still have gotten no response. Is their response time always this slow? Has anyone else had this problem? If I can't get my questions answered and start the planning process I'm not sure this would be the best place to get married. Any advice?

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    I usually get emails back from Debbie within a few hours. Have you tried calling her? Maybe your e-mail went to SPAM. I would try calling. She is usually punctual.

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    I agree, they were very helpful to me on the phone.

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    I agree with amanda, I also get emails back from Debbie with a few hours I think the latest I waited was the next morning and that was because I was waiting for an answer to a question where she had to contact the resort.

    here is her information

    Debbie Hall ~

    Stateside Wedding Planner
    Couples Resorts, Jamaica
    (P) 1-800-268-7537 ext 5

    (F) 954-374-7284

    I am getting married at CSS July 8/11

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    No Worries Mon

    Give her a call...your email may have entered cyberspace....she has been very quick to respond w/ my questions for January 2012...

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    I agree with all the previous posts! Debbie usually gets back to me within a couple of hours. A month and not hearing from her is pretty odd. Good luck!

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    I got a response from her in less than 24 hours. I had also already booked my wedding via the website, not sure if that makes a difference. But I know I've flooded her with tons of questions and she is always considerate and so helpful.

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    I usually get fast replies also however I have had a few post that never got to her and when I called to check she was always very helpful. Please give her a call.

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    Thank you! Question answered!

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