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    We're getting married in June @ CSA - I was wondering if any past brides brought gifts for your wedding planner or wedding officiant, because we can't tip either, can we?

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    The wedding planner is a couples employees so you can't tip her but you can tip the minister. Hubby gave him 20 dollars.

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    I plan on bringing the minister a tip in a thank you card. As for the coordinator, I'm going to find a unique gift of some sort. From reading the boards, it seems like a lot of past brides give bath/body gift sets.

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    You can't tip resort empolyee's, but the minister and I think the spa folks you can tip. I brought bath and body shower gel and body lotion and an ankle bracelet for the coordinator. We gave the minister 30.00 in cash, brought ball caps for the guys at the water sport hut, and we also brought those small candy bars, snickers and when we ate, we always left some on the table for the wait staff. I also left lotion for the housekeeper. Hope that helps.

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    Do you have to tip the minister? Would it be considered rude if you don't? This is the first time I read about tipping the minister...Im trying to plan ahead for costs!

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    @ JacknJen- From what I understand you don't HAVE to tip, it's just a nice gesture.

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