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    help??? Husband and I want to renew our vows Aug 2012. When we got married ( almost 14 years ago) it was at the court house. At the time we had no really desire to have a big wedding, just want to be married. So 14 years later and one trip to CSA we decide that we want to have a "real wedding". Now here is where problem comes in...... My mother and father divorced 37 years ago and both have remarried. Neither have been able to be very civil to each other. I want both to be there, So how do you deal with them without it ruining our day?

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    Simply tell them it would mean so much to you if for one day they could be civil, to celebrate a very special day in your life. If they choose not to go, go on with the celebration and enjoy your day. If they go, one would assume they will be prepared to be there with bells on out of respect for you. Congratulations and have fun!!!

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    Just dont LET them ruin your day. Maybe have them come the day BEFORE you do your vows, dont have them come like 4 days before, that way if things start to get on your nerves it will already be over with than you guys can just spend TIME in the HAMMOCK if ya know what I mean. Maybe talk to them before and be sincere and ask if they would be able to get along while you have this wonderful wedding.

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    Also, remind them that just because they are at the same resort, does not mean they have to spend any time whatsoever together. I'm sure there's plenty of room on the resort for them to avoid each other. (Also, maybe have them each stay the minimum amount of days! lol)

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