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    We are staying at CSA and will be "Trading Places" for the day at CN. Since we are only at CN for the day, any suggestions/idea's/must-do's/don'ts while we are there?


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    roam around the resort (it's prtty compact so it won't take long), walk the beach and try the AN beach for at least 30 minutes... it's the one thing you can do at CN that you can't do at CSA. My guess is that 30 minutes will turn into a couple of hours before you know it. The AN section is the most peaceful part of the beachat CN.


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    You can cover CN very quickly, it is very small compared to CSA. I would say relax and enjoy either the beach or pool whichever is your favorite. Have a few drinks at the beach/swim up bar, and enjoy lunch at the casava terrace. It is a very laid back place. Sigh, only 321 days until returning home.

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    Walk the complete resort of CN..Couples Negril.
    Visit the pool and Jamaica's greatest meet and greet area the "swim up bar".
    Speak to the guests..At CN you will be among the world's greatest and friendliest guests..

    And please post on how you like CN..Couples Negril..Where strangers meet,swap hugs and become life long hugging friends.

    Hugs from 10 0 C
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