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    Default Just Booked - CN January 2012!

    We just booked our return trip back to CN from January 11 thru the 20th for my Husband's 50th Birthday! We were Newbies this year to CN and fell in love with the resort and can't wait to return next year! 286 Days to go!

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    We booked one month ago for the same dates! We will be first timers to CN and Couples all together. The anticipation makes the 285 days to go seem decades away!! Anything good worth having is worth waiting for huh?!

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    It is truly worth the wait! We were amazed by how much we loved this resort; when we first joined the message board I could not understand all the repeat returners as we usually like to try a new resort every year (need to get out of all the snow and cold in the Midwest) but once we got to Couples Negril we knew we would be returning in January 2012!

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    Softiee - Every year the hub and I talk about going some place different and every year after our trip to CN, we wind up booking again for the following year.

    339 sleeps for us for our 4th visit!

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