We had two previous trips to Jamaica before we found Couples. Syl was teaching tennis at the old Bosco Belle Beach Resort, in exchange for room and board.
Once we discovered the venerable COR in 1995, we honestly felt as though we had crossed over into some sort of sublime tropical oasis that you only find in the movies. We had already fallen in love with the lush, green, warm exotic surroundings twice before. But as we drove up the circular driveway and parked in front of the open air lobby, with that view to the island, I was convinced that we "weren't in Kansas anymore, Toto".

In those early years, in spite of any and all annoyances, large or small, real or imagined, each time we returned, the magical spell we experienced the first time, just seemed to grow in intensity, enjoyment, excitement and unbridled childlike anticipation.

We went from the usual seven day time period, then upped it to ten days. Then we started going twice a year for twelve days each time. We had to completely restructure our lives in order to make this happen and keep on happening.

The comfort, familiarity, warmth and affection shown to us by staff over the last 17 years, has enriched our lives beyond imagination. The joy and laughter we have shared with so many couples, just adds to the already incredible experience we all call Couples.

We did stay at CSS during the time CTI was being refurbished, and we had no problem enjoying ourselves while we were there. But by this time, our hearts and minds, spirits and souls belonged to CTI. And of course, they still do.