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Thread: December 2012!!

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    Default December 2012!!

    Yeah, I know, I know....but wanted to get the current prices nailed down.

    We booked for Dec. 8-23, 2012, but changes may happen, depending on circumstances 18 months down the road! Anyone else happen to think the same way?

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    Hey we are booked for CTI Dec. 2nd thru the 9th and then headed to CSA from the 9th to the 20th and you are going to CTI correct? If so I guess we will see you for one night! Glad to see that someone else booked 18 months away...thought we were the only ones!

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    We are tinking of Dec 10th-15th. My 50th is 12-12-12, what a way to spend it!!!!

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    We booked CTI 11/30 - 12/8 2012 so we'll be there same time as Soonerfans. This is our first visit and we can't wait!

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    We look forward to meeting C&J and cant wait. To jabt36 can't think of a better way to celebrate either.

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    My husband and I are booked for Dec 23, 2012 through Jan 1, 2013. We booked back in March I think. The wait is torture, but the pay-off of 9 days in the glorious Jamaican sunshine when Missouri will most likely be getting hammerd with snow will be well worth it!

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    Greg and Therese from Madison, WI will be there from 12/1 - 12/5 (then heading to CSS for a week ). We are looking forward to our 5th trip to Couples and our first to CTI. Any other divers going to be there? I'm looking for a buddy!

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    Hi everyone!

    Bumping this thread to the top and wanted to let everyone know that if everything goes according to plan my fiance and I will be there Dec 9-15th for a quick elopement and honeymoon We are from Madison as well!


    Rae_Dave Dec. 8th - 23rd
    Soonerfans Dec.2nd - 9th (CTI) 9th-20th (CSA)
    jabt36 Dec. 10th - 15th
    C&J Nov.30th - Dec 8th
    KCJen Dec. 23rd - Jan. 1st
    Tallman2nd Dec. 1 - 5th
    Danlotte Dec. 9th-15thish

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    Soonerfans, Me and my fiancee (wife at this point) are booked to go to CSA from dec. 4th - 12th, so we will see you there for a few days. This is our first time to any caribbean island, and our honeymoon, so we are pretty excited. Trying to meet some people online before we get down there so we will have some friends to hang out with.

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    December 2012 sounds great! we will be booking as soon as we return from CTI in December and will be booking 8th - 22nd for visit number 16!!. Typically prices have gone through the roof for us hear in the UK with only 2airlines now flying to Jamaica and prices have gone up by approximately 800.00 each!! Starting to get very expensive. See you all there!!! Steve & Kirsty. ( UK ).

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    We are all booked!!! Coming home again cannot wait!!! 12/9-12/15!!!!

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    364 days!!! Woo Hoo!!

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    Not sure of the dates but barring death or dismemberment we will be there next December!!!

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    Less than a year away!!!

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    Default Well, finally less than a year out!

    We'll be getting there in the 23rd, and the only issue now is making sure we can balance the flight or price with getting to the sort as early as possible.

    We can't wait to get back to Jamaica and hopefully we'll be leaving snow and freezing temps behind and not the 40's and 50's we've been having.

    23rd thru the 1st, we'll see you there!

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    we are booked for Dec 22-26th. thought it was time to see what's happening at Christmas.

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    Default Christmas/New Year 2012-2013

    Yay! It's "forever" away, but we just booked CN 12/22/12 though 01/05/13. Bliss! We had the best time ever when we were at CN for the holidays in 2009 and just know it will be the BEST ever!

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    We just booked our plane tickets!!!! 307 days! Now it feels real, since we booked the resort almost a year ago

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    Still waiting to book our flights down. Hoping to get a good deal!!!

    coming home 12/9-12/15
    Judy & Marty

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    jdanjou who are you flying????

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    11/30-12/8 this year...

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    We were at CSS in November 2010 and are coming home again to ring in 2013 at CTI 12/27-1/5/13
    Just finished booking today....already counting it down! Can't wait to celebrate the New Year in the warm Jamaican sun and leave winter, snow and ice behind....(From Traverse City, Michigan)

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    OK...once again, after starting this thread and booking in advance, Dave and I find that we are PROBABLY NOT going to actually make the trip this year. He just retired Jan. 31 and I think finances will be too tight. The USA has many places we plan to visit, instead.

    I won't actually cancel until close to the 45 days out, just in case. You all have a blast, though!~

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    Sean and Angelle
    12/3/12 - 12/8/12

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    Anyone been at CTI for New Years? Wondering what kind of celebration festivities to look forward to?

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