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    Default Sans Souci AN utilization

    The last time we were at Sans Souci (3 years ago), the AN side was not used very much. Generally it was us and about 3 or 4 other couples. Kind of like having your own private beach. The next year we went to Grand Lido Braco, and the AN side was extremely well attended. Last year we went to CTI, (August), and there were generally only about 6 or 7 couples out on the island. We enjoy the socialization on the AN side, and wondered if anyone who has been to Sans Souci lately can comment on how many couples are using the AN side now? Hopefully it has grown in popularity!

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    That all depends on the time of year you go. We usually go the first weekend in December, and have always had several couples at SSB. Never saw it with just a few couples. The lounge chairs near the pool/bar are always used, as well as most of the pallapas on the beach.

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    We were there in December and it was very busy. I didn't count but I would guess as high as 20 or more couples. It never felt crowded though. I am sure each week can be different.

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    I think it all depends on when you go. Jen and I went in November 2010, and we were there everyday of our 7 day trip.

    The first day we went, there was probably 10-12 couples on the AN side, some around the pool, and some on the beach etc.

    The next couple of days were about the same, however it got a bit windy, and Couples had restricted access to the Island over at CTI, so they were running a shuttle for CTI's AN guests to come over to SSB.

    By the end of the week, there was easily 20+ couples on the AN side, so it was very well attended.

    Had the Island not been out of bounds, there may not have been quite as many couples, but there was still a good number enjoying the Jamaica sun in the buff.

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    We were at CSS during the first week of March and spent nearly all of our time at SSB. On average there were about 15-20 couples at SSB, half on the beach and the other half hanging out at the bar and pool. It has obviously grown in popularity the past three years. We had a terific time and already booked our second trip to CSS for the same week in 2012. Look forward to seeing all of our SSB friends in 11 months.

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    The past few July's have been active, 10-15 couples in and out during the 10 days we are there.

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    We were there the last week of February and it was very well used. There were couples all around the pool and plenty more out on the beach. I'm going to guess maybe 30-odd couples average? Well used without being overcrowded. Daily volleyball in the pool with about 8 on a side. Folks chatting by the bar and pool the whole time. Lunch au natural. Shout out to our bartender Genel and the drink of the day at the bar! Awesome. Can't get back to CSS soon enough!

    R & S

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    Default a/n attendance march

    Were there mid march for ten days and every day i'd say between 15 to 20 couples on average.

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    Hello E2AV8tor,
    My husband and I were at CSS over New Year's Eve and into January. I would say that there approximately 20-25 couples at SSB. Most of the loungers around the pool were full and so were the seats at the bar---the water was too cold to sit on the seats in the pool--although some brave souls did! The hotel was at capacity, but SSB and the pool never felt crowded. We met some wonderful couples from the UK and Canada. From the posts I've read lately on the MB it looks like SSB is very popular indeed! I can't wait to return home in July!

    Safe travels,

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    Default Thanks for the posts!

    Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for all the great replies. Glad to hear that the AN side has picked up in popularity. We always love the people we meet on the AN side. One humorous anecdote for you all - on our last trip to Sans Souci we stayed in one of the Penthouse suites and had to make the daily trek past the textile pool to get over to the AN side. One day, as we were walking past, we were accosted by the female half of a couple at the textile pool, who asked us if we were going to the AN side. (We, of course, replied, YES). She said that she REALLY wanted to go, but could not convince her husband. We tried hard to convince him to try it, but to no avail. Guess it is for some folks, and not for others. To each his (or her) own. Hope we will see some of you at Sans Souci in the future!

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    We were there over Christmas and New Year. They were bringing couples from TI and though there we 20+ couples it never seemed crowded.
    I did read a post from someone who did not use SSB complaining that it was the better beach but they could not use it as they were not prepared to go AN - perhaps as the popularity increases the main beach should be made AN too - solves this problem :-)
    Back February 2012 and trying not to wish our lives away as we look forward to it.

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    We were there April 2008 and 2009. 2008 there were quite a few people there, put it this way we were not alone. Now 2009 we were there right after CTI reopened and there were a couple of days when the islanders were given the opportunity to come over. This did bring the count up quite a bit, but we were not crowded. We had a great time that year and can't wait until May, hope to do it all again. Except this time I will not let the girls get sunburned again.

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    We were there Mar 22-29. Some days as many as 20-25 couples and some days around 15. Great crowd and lots of room to spread out.
    CTI - Dec, 2005 & Dec, 2006
    CN - Oct, 2008
    CSS -Dec, 2009 & Mar, 2011

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    We have seen a big change in the number of people using SSB over the 5 years that couples has operated the resort. In Dec 05 on our first trip to CSS and our first a/n experience there were very few people at SSB maybe 10 couples on average each day. This past Dec. SSB was very busy with most of the lounge chairs around the pool and bar was in use as were most of the loungers on the beach. That said it never felt crowded as the area is so large there was always a chair to be found or if there wasn't the water spots crew were quick to bring over extra chairs.
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    Friday the 7th there were at least 40 couples, busy but fun day


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    Very active in last October or early November. . .

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    We were there in 2007 for the first time and it was jam packed. Hard to find a lounger around the pool. Then, in 2008, it seemed empty (both times were late March/early April). Even though it was nice to be able to have your choice of loungers, it was depressing, because you knew the lack of people was probably at least partially due to the economic downturn globally.

    Fast forward to 2011, March - jam packed again. Around 15 to 20 people in the pool in the afternoon and the beach was full too. It brought a happy tear to the eye, looking for the available loungers again.

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