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    We are going to swept away and was wondering what the average age group we should expect to be enjoying our vacation with?

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    Barely twenties to late decembers... everyone fits in.

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    All old people, LOL age is a state of mind. Mix, mingle, have fun with all that you meet, expect to have a wonderful time with your other half, that's all that counts. CSA is a magical place.

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    We've been to CSA 7 times - started in 1999-2000 when we were in our early 40's, now we're in our early 50's. We generally feel like we're in our 30's, when we're at CSA we're definitely in our 20's!!

    The great thing about CSA is that there really are no "ages." It's all about the attitude....For the most part this is a pretty mellow resort. There aren't people playing boom boxes on the beach or at poolside, and there really isn't a rowdy element (although the pool bar can get a bit "playful" at times) :-)

    Hopefully you'll surrender yourself to the vibe and will have a great time while you're there!!

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    There is all different ages. No one grouo in particular. Enjoy, Enjoy. It is all good. You won't even think about age groups at these resorts. You will be too busy enjoying yourself!!

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    I feel about 103 when I check in. I feel 25 when I check out.

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    I know the feeling of just wanting to know the average age group for no reason but curiosity but from what I have read in the forums is everyone is young at heart, meaning you wont see many posting their ages. But then again you didnt post your age from what I can see lol Everyone is so friendly and in the end age doesnt matter. I wont be at your resort but Im 34 and my hubby is 35.
    Peace and Love

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    My boyfriend and I are going to CSA this November and we are mid-twenties.

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    If you are desperate to find out go to the meet up thread and find out who will be there on your dates. As everyone has said, the age of folks booking vacations at the resort is basically anyone over 18 and generally it's quite a mix.

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    When we were there the age group was mostly 50 plus. We found it to be an older crowd but as others have said young at heart. They always seemed to be slamming back the shots at the beach bar at 4 p.m. shot hour! Very mellow resort at night though.

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    the easiest way for me to answer this question is to say that we were 28 the first time we went to a Couples resort in 1988. Our next trip this June will be our 9th visit (have been to 3 of the 4) and we are now 50. We have always felt at home and that age is truly just a state of mind!

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    When we were there last year, we were friendly with couples well into their 60's and others who were mid 20's ... it really isn't a cliche Age is a non issue. We love the way everybody gets on...its just how it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    So close...18-80!

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