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    Default Just a few short days til CSA!

    July 4th we we will be stepping on to the beautiful grounds of CSA. We can't wait to see all the smiling faces. I'm craving the delicious fire of jerk chicken. I want to bury my toes in the soft, powdery white sand while the sun's rays shine down on us. I want to stroll hand in hand with my wonderful husband and take quiet times to reflect and reconnect. Oh yeah...and maybe have a Bob Marley shot of two!

    Hope to see some of you guys there!
    Lewanda and Mike Sullivan
    Houston, TX
    July 4-11
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    Default Can I leave now?

    I can't take another minute of this waiting!!!
    I'm driving myself nuts. I think I want to spend the night at the airport the day before, and leave my job today!

    Is this ok???

    Stacey and Patrick
    Jacksonville FL
    CSA July 5-9th

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    I'm in the "insomnia" phase of pre-trip excitement! Keep waking up at 3am thinking about all the fun we are about to have! See y'all there!

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    I'm in the insomnia mode for you. I could not sleep last night and when I did, I was dreaming of the jungle. I don't get to go until August...

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    [COLOR="Green"]Soooo Jealous Lew!!!

    Hope you guys have a great time! We're contemplating booking the TimAir flight to and from for our November trip - when you get back, will you let us know how the flight goes this year?

    Wish we were there at the same time as you guys for a game of pool volleyball . . . . hit a few around for us![/
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    Jealous! We have to wait until December. Can't wait for a report all about your vacation


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