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    Default June 2011 Spreadsheet

    Hi Everyone,

    I stole this idea from a couple we met at CSA a few years ago. Attached is a spreadsheet that shows when each of us will be at CN, where we are from and what we are celebrating.

    As people continue to introduce themselves, I'll update the spreadsheet.

    June will be here so soon!!! I've started laying out clothes already!!!

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    Default 5th visit

    Bob and Pam
    From Indiana June 2 - 11
    5th visit to CN

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    Love the spread sheet! That is so cute!
    I can't wait! Looks like we may get to meet a few of you!
    I was beginning to think no one was going our week!
    We had planned on going the week of the fourth of July which looks to be a hopping time but we got impatient and wanted to go a week early! Now,I have learned NO LOBSTER in June......we are bummed...oh well! We will still be in paradise!

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    Anybody else need to be added????

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    Very good idea, love it!!

    I can't wait for our holiday. 2 weeks of relaxation and don't we both need it!

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    Default We'll be there!

    First trip to an all inclusive! (we usually cruise!) my husband and i will be celebrating our 5th anniversary on the 30th. the rest of the time, just partying we hope!!!
    Can't wait to get there!!!

    Heather & Larry (NH)

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    I don't mean to intrude, but my ITSEC brain can't help it...

    Passing an Excel sheet around is the technical equivalent of sharing needles. Macro based viruses can be quite nasty.

    You can do this live, on the board, with no infection risk.

    Again, no harm intended...we have a post going for Oct folks for the same thing...just not a safe way to share, even if we are all "family".

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    I feel so dirty.

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    Randy and Debbie
    from Goldsboro n.c.
    June 18 - 25
    2nd visit

    Pat and Cheryl
    Dallas tx
    June 17 - 24
    2 visit

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    What a great idea!!! We're already on the spreadsheet, but I forgot to mention that we're from Illinois!

    Jamie & Kenny

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    Default Can't Wait

    Rob n Michelle
    West Tennessee
    May 29th thru June 4th

    Cool idea you have here. Hope more people sign on. This will be our first trip out of the US. We are very excited to be getting married and then to Jamaica....Simply Awesome!! Hope to meet up with some folks from this thread.

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    Tiffiny and Bud
    Our honeymoon
    June 6- 13th

    Looking forward to meeting some of you there!!!
    Another couple will be with us Justin and Stacey!!

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    I have no idea how else to share this spreadsheet and certainly don't want to spread diseases while trying to do a fun thing.

    Unless someone can provide guidance how to do it another way, I'm happy to email folks the file. (I have protection on my home computer.) If you want a copy, email me at

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    I have an idea on how to share the spreadsheet but requires everyone to have a gmail account:
    Hope this helps and by the way Paula and I will be at CN June 25-July 2.


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    we are so excited about our 10th anniversary trip june 19-24!! christy and kenny from TN!!! first time couples and all inclusive!!!

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