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    Default Review - First time at a Couples - CTI

    So wifey and I took our belated honeymoon (married in July) to CTI during the third week of March.

    I can not imagine (realistically) how this trip could have been better!

    We arrived at CTI and of course were greeted very warmly (as expected from all the posts I read on here) and Andre (GTK) introduced himself and became one of my favorites right off the bat. He showed us to our room (5301) which was AMAZING. We had a beautiful view of the ocean but were on the West edge of the property so we were secluded from view on our balcony. The view though, was absolutely gorgeous. The room was clean and the bed very comfortable as you would expect at any nice hotel in the US. Everald, who also became one of our favorites, brought our bags to our room and we went immediately to the Saturday night Gala. Which is a natural transition to Food:

    Food - We went into this vacation expecting your run of the mill "all inclusive" quality of food. Nothing too spectacular, but everything just slightly above average. WE WERE PROVED WRONG IMMEDIATELY!!! The food was the best we've had at an all inclusive. The Saturday gala was a great intro and was well above and beyond the best buffet we had ever eaten. Fresh seafood, ribs, prime rib, great side dishes, the WORKS!!! Bayside - Bayside was by far our favorite restaurant (not that the others weren't great too). We ate there twice, as they change their menu on Wednesdays. The ambience is unbeatable and very romantic. We actually had pre-dinner cocktails at their bar down there even when we dined other places, just for the ambience, and we suggest that to everyone. Mayuree (executive chef from Thailand) not only gave us our favorite meals at CTI but rather gave us the BEST ASIAN MEAL WE HAVE EVER EATEN. She is sooooo sweet too and talked to us for a long time both visits that we made and was very appreciative and humble regarding our compliments. 8 Rivers was very good, and the servers very attentive, but it couldn't hold a candle to Bayside for us. The Verandah was a very nice restaurant too but doesn't deserve any further mention in the company of the other two. We really enjoyed the Veggie Bar during the day and feasted on the veggies, hummus, smoked marlin dip (Amazing) and sweet potato chips. The pool grill serves up great jerk chicken and calamari as well as a snapper sandwich which made my wife very happy. Overall, the food went well above and beyond what we ever had hoped for.

    The grounds of the resort are very well manicured and beautiful. The beach is a bit small, and can be crowded, but we found our own little secluded spot up by the hot tubs that overlooked the beach and the ocean and were happy as clams. The main pool was pretty laid back and the swim up bar/pool was the area that had the most social interaction going on.

    The staff, as mentioned before, is totally amazing. I don't even think amazing is the right word. We were given any and everything we wanted with a smile (granted we did not take advantage of this courtesy). The staff was not only friendly, attentive and enthusiastic, they seemed to take great pride in their jobs and enjoy themselves while observing visitors soaking in their island. A great treat and a change of pace from most other places I have been.

    The included activities were surprisingly great. We hiked the falls which was absolutely awesome, went on the catamaran cruise which turned out to be quite a fun adventure because of high swells, played cricket (31 runs just by myself!) took the shopping trip (too long, but still fun). We also paid for an excursion to Tubing on the White River and ziplining as a combo. The tubing part was GREAT and highly recommended. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! The zipline addition was just ok. It was only 3 traverses and while it was initially a thrill, it's more just like something that I can check off my bucket list.

    Overall it was an absolutely perfect experience and I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!

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    I am so happy you had such a great honeymoon holiday. It sounds like you will always remember it. Thanks for sharing!

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    Sounds like you guys had an awesome time. We leave in 25 days. I see you did an excursion ziplining. If you don't mind me asking, was it expensive? What was the company you used? And did Couples set it up for you? We went there 10 years ago and got married there so we are excited about going back and seeing all the changes from the renovations. Thanks for any info you can share about the info !!!!

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    Great review! Thanks!

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    Great review. We have only 25 more days until we're at CTI.
    Sounds like you had a really good time. Makes you want to go back, doesn't it?
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    CTI - Nov 06, Mar 11, Feb 12
    CSS - Sep 07, Sep 11, Sep 14
    CNG - Sep 08, Feb 09, Sep 09, Nov 10, Sep 12
    CSA - Jun 13

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    Default First time at Couples CTI

    My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary and my Birthday there during March 17-21..and all I can say is I miss laying out on the beach, swim up bar, fancy good food, momosa for breakfast, catered drinks, hot tubs, to die for deserts, great serves, and realy nice people we sum it up we had a wonderful, relaxing stay and I would recommend it to any couple looking for a perfect vaction

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    So glad you had a great time! My boyfriend and I were also there from March 18 - 25, and it was also our first time. It definitely won't be our last! Right about the food - it was awesome, and the staff are amazingly friendly!! The beach party and show were wonderful, the horseback riding excursion is not to be missed (and we partook of the island - and loved it!)

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    Can't wait to experience our first time at CTI (at Couples resorts, for that matter)! We arrive on April 2nd to mourn the loss of our 40's (or celebrate making it a half century)!!!

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