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    Greetings again everyone!

    I am so excited to go to CSA for the 1st time this august! This will be my first trip to a couples resort? Should I print some material off of the website such as a map, restaurants and their hours w/ a menu ect... From what I have been reading I understand this is a large property. When we get there we want to be able to look at a map and already know ahead of time were we would like to eat. Is this provided at the front desk or in the room??


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    You'll find it in the room... but the resort isn't really that large... but its really spread out over about a quarter-mile of beach. But the dinner spots are easy to find... they are at the ends of the resort. Find your way to the beach walk, turn left or right, and you'll eventually get there.


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    Hi Greenieboy...spend some time with the panoramic maps on this website. Once you get there, grab a cocktail and just start wandering around. It is so much fun to discover the resort and too pretty of a place to have your nose stuck in map.

    This website also has sample menus for all of the restaurants. So you can browse here too. Once you get there, there will plenty of information in your room and from employees throughout the property.

    Have fun, enjoy the anticipation!!! You chose well!

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    The resort really isnít that hard to navigate. Turn right at the beach to go to the Palms or left to go to the greathouse where Patois, Feathers, and the grill are located. There is a property tour a couple times a day that the resort offers. We did the tour our first visit and found it to be very helpful.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    Can't wait!

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    It will be our first visit to CSA in August as well. We will be there for 7 days for our honeymoon and I can't wait! After reading everyone's posts It is hard to decide what we want to do Can't wait for August!!!

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    We have never had a map in the room but you can get one at checkin. They have them at all the desks in the lobby.

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    CSA offers an orientation daily at 10 am and 5 pm. Depending upon the time of your arrival, plan to go on the tour (meets in the main lobby) on the day of your arrival or your first morning at the resort. You'll become familiar with the resort in no time.
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    CSA isn't that big compared to other mega resorts out there. It is just that it is kinda big compared to a boutique resort. No need for a map. It is very simple to get around and really, nothing is very far. Even 'garden view' rooms are not that far from the beach.
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