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    Default CSA Vs. CN - Thoughts plz!

    Weve been to CN 6 times and loved it!!! This time were trying CSA. Anyone thats been to both, plz give me your thoughts. I was told that CN is better as I know both are great. But would like to hear opinions and thoughts on this, the differences, e.t.c! Any info would be nice. We will be visiting CN anyway as we have friends there...


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    Okay, I have not personally stayed at CN. I have been there on a day pass, and in that day, I saw enough to know that we will never stay at CN. We LOVE CSA, and in my opinion, CN did not compare. I know that everyone loves different things, but to me, the beach is way better at CSA, and I love the feel CSA provides. CN looks like a hotel to me, and we walked all over the property and didnít like the way the rooms were. We love that CSA is spread out, and we love the Atrium Suites without the glass so we can hear the tree frogs at night!!! We stayed in the Great House on our last trip, and we didnít like the room as much. It was so quiet, and I couldnít hear the frogs or the crashing of the waves. Anyway, Iím getting off track! LOL At CSA we love the fact that there are beach bars right on the beach. Yes, I know that they give you a flag at both, and I have to say at CN they were on top of their game bringing us drinks, but we really like the bars on the beach. So, anyway, for us we love CSA and have no plans to stay or even visit CN again. Iím sure the service and food at both about the same caliber, which is stellar. So, I think itís really about what youíre looking for in a vacation, and for us, CSA provides it. Plus, is there an Ultimate Chocolate at CN? If not, then thatís definitely another plus for CSA. :O)

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    Default Is there Ultimate Chocolate at CN?

    Yes! Mr. Paul Tucker at CN is the BEST! haha! Would love to see a "grudge match"

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    Default Csa vs cn

    We have been to Couples Negril five times and we recently spent a week at Swept Away. We have also been to Tower Isle for a week. We probably would not go back to Tower Isle again, but we are booked this November at CSA for a week and for CN for this coming February.

    I not sure it is fair, as the earlier person stated, to judge a resort by a simple day pass. For us, CN will always be home and is prefered over CSA. That said, we obviously love CSA as well since we are booked to go back this November.

    This past November the beach at CSA was not very good.....had been washed away by the last huricane. CSA is larger and a little more walking is wife says she cant wear heels walking from one end of the resort to the

    We both think the night life at CSA is better - if you like dancing and a disco. CSA does have a killer disco off of the piano bar. CN simply has the piano bar and it is more low key. And......CSA does have Patron in the upstairs bar by the Thai we do love Patron.

    Both resorts are great.......really. As I mentioned.....CN is home to is smaller and everything is very close where at CSA it is more spread out. Food is very very fact....almost identical.

    CSA has green flag service versus Red flag Both beaches you can walk quite aways.....and at CSA you can actually see the sunset all the way done where at CN you cant quite see the last bit of the sunset due to being in bloody bay.

    We love the all.....even Tower Isle........but if we were forced to choose ......... would probably pick CN over CSA in a very close race.....almost too close to call...

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    Going back to CSA for trip #4 in 26 days, enough said!!

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    Default The Sports complex/facilities of CSA

    The open air Gym and the Yoga/Aerobics space on the many Acres across Manley Blvd give a second dimension to Swept Away. The sports bar and the Olympic size lap pool next to it is like a separate resort. Squash and racquetball courts give even more activities.
    Sports TV in that Bar lounge area is always a treat. Sports smoothies and energy drinks abound. Of course, the Jacuzzi is very private and the tennis courts draw guests, too. The spread out nature of this area gives a refuge from the restaurant/beach action. The Spa area is in this space. too.
    I have seen both operations of the dive shop at CN and CSA. CSA is the more organized and updated on the facilities. The beach sports ie. volleyball and bocceball, and importantly, the cocktails/beers from the beach bars to the Float cushions, at CSA, all make it happen.

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    If you have doubts, stay with CN... that's why we stay with SweptAway. The paradise you know is better than the one you don't... that is, if you're going to worry about it...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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