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    Default double digits

    Finally down to 98 days until we are back in paradise. Can't get here fast enough. looking foward to peace and quite and the blue clear water and the wonderful staff of CN.

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    We're at 95 today!! CSA on July 2nd!!!

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    We are at 93 days until CN. We CAN'T WAIT. Just thinking about it keeps us going every day.

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    60 days and counting til CSA.

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    93 more sleeps until back home at CSS!!!
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    324 what a bummer, but that means I was there just 31 days ago, which means I have lost most of my tan.

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    Default double digits

    hey Brenda and Bruce we will be there July 4th celebrating our 34th anniveresary the 1st of July. Looks us up and I'll buy a round of drinks to celebrate our anniversary. Should be there around 4:00 that evening

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    Default caribbeanlovers

    There is a picture posting on Meet-up thread for June 30 to July. We have our picture there and also jimnmariann will be there July 1 thru July 9 and have their picture posted. You should post your picture to make it easier for us to locate you. We will definitely keep watch and hope to share that drink with you. It's fun hooking up with people from the message board and making new friends. We look forward to seeing and meeting you soon. Brenda and Bruce

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    Default double digit

    noot for sure how to post pictures but our name is Rick and Jan and we are from Okla. Looking forward to meet everyone

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    Default double digit

    not for sure how to post pictures but our name is Rick and Jan and we are from Okla. Looking forward to meet everyone will try to figure it out

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    94 days until CTI!

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    Hey Rick and Jan
    Is this your first trip to CN? If it is, be VERY excited. We went to CN a few years ago to celebrate our 25th anniversary and now we go every year!. We will find Brenda and Bruce and you two! Cannot wait!
    Mariann and Jimmy

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    38 more sleeps until CSA.

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    Default double digit

    hey Jimnmariann no it's not It will be our 2nd year in a row at CN been to cti about 9 years ago. Can't wait to get back there. Hope to see you there

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    38 to CSS, along with friends. See you all there!

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    23 days until CSA. Anyone flying out of Ohare on April 23rd?

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    61 more sleeps until CN! WooHoo!
    Dee & J

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    14 DAYS, 11 HOURS, 8 MINUTES to CTI. We started at over 100! The wait is almost unbearable but so exciting at this point.

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