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    Default Dresses: how fancy?

    Hey ladies...when you are packing your dresses for the evenings, how fancy do you go? Do you wear fancier dresses w/ heels occassionally, or always more casual dresses with sandals (dressier sandals)? Thanks

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    I pack sundresses and maxi dresses. They're definitely nothing like the stretch satin type dresses one would wear to a dressy occasion at home, so I guess they're more casual which is appropriate for Jamaica. I wear the maxi ones on fancier nights when my hubby has to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. I usually wear flat sandals, but I have some 4" wedge espadrilles that I also wear.

    "Dressing up" for dinner is one of my favorite parts of a Couples vacation. I pack a different dress for each night, but they hardly take up any space since they're made of thin material.

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    You will see all of the above. Pack what you want to pack and just be yourself. You will see people who never dress up and there will be others that dress up every night. Have fun and enjoy.

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    I usually go with a cami top and a short flowery mini skirt and flat leather sandals... suitable for any of the restaurants and I can switch out tops/bottoms so I only have to bring 3 tops and 2 bottoms and can have several different outfits, and the leather flats go with everything, so cuts down on stuff to pack but I still feel nice and dressed up. Also I bring a couple bold type necklaces (nothing expensive) to wear with the otufits too. I have seen some get real dressy with the heels and cocktail type dresses and it looked nice on those women, just not my cup o'tea.

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    I think it depends where you are going. We just got back from CSA and I like to dress up with nice heels, but I found overall the resort is very casual. Even the dressier restaurant feathers seemed less formal than expected. I didn't mind being more dressed up than others, but you could pack more casual items and be fine.


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    We have seen it all from very fancy to very fancy casual. Wear what makes you happy.

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    You'll see both, you'll get recommendations for both. You'll see ladies in clothing other than dresses. I say it's your vacation, make it what you want it to be. No one is going to be critiquing your clothing so be comfortable and wear what pleases YOU and makes YOU feel good...well, that guy traveling with you will be an important consideration but you know what I mean. It's not like high school or dinner out at home where you have to "fit in".

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    I always just pack sundresses and have a pair of nice sandals I wear with them. One year at CSS there was a girl who wore cocktail dresses with fancy heels each night. It really depends on what you want to wear.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    I would like to know this too, anyone???

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    I go with what should/do I want to wear when going out to a romatic dinner with my husband. You'll see women dressed to the nines and other in a simple summer dress. Its all good.

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    I usually take one very fancy dress with low heels---lots of stairs at CSS and several casual sun dresses for the other evening that I rotate. I only wear them for a couple of hours so I don't mind wearing them more than once during our trip.


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    I don't get too dressy but enjoy wearing summer dresses in the evenings. I also like to wear dressier capris with a nice top. The dressiest nights for me at CSS are the return guests dinner, dinner at Bella Vista and the starlight gala. I save my favorite outfits for those nights. The gala is on the lawn so flats are a must! This isn't like a cruise where you have to get really dressed up but honestly you can wear whatever you want and are comfortable with. Keep in mind though that you have to lug all those outfits down there. I like to bring things I can mix and match and wear more than once in a week. Hope this helps.

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    I took heels, once. You will see everything from nice cocktail dresses to cotton sundresses in the evening and everything from heels to dressy sandals. You will also see capris and nice bermudas with dressier tops at night. Wear what you are comfortable in keeping in mind it will be very warm but there is usually restaurant that has a/c also. I take a shawl to wear for the evenings. I also get chilled very easily after spending the day in the sun.

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    I take basically mid-range dresses, as far as formality goes... dressier than a cotton sundress, but not too over the top dressy(except maybe for NYE) I wear the dressiest ones at the gala and reservable restuarants.
    Much of my dress decision is material. I like the types you can scrunch in a ball but they don't wrinkle. They also tend to be light and flowy. Comfort is key.
    As for shoes, I am a flat/low heel type girl. I wouldn't want to do the stairs at CSS in heels, nor the decking at Bayside at CTI. We witnessed one woman constantly walking out of her heels as they stuck between the boards there. Plus if you wear heels you need to keep to the paths, as you'd have a hard time in the sand.

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    just sundresses. I usually take maxi dresses with shrugs for the air conditioned places. Flat sandals are easy to kick off for a walk in the sand after dinner. most of the time I wear capris or dressier long shorts and nice tops.
    Its your vacation wear what you are comfortable in, just remember it is usually humid in the evenings.

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