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    Default Hair & makeup by the salon reviews?

    Marrying in less than 3 weeks at CSA! Would love for the CSA vets to give me the skinny on the salon. Thinking of doing an updo for our ceremony and not sure about getting my makeup done by the salon or doing it myself. Did it all leave you looking fab? Is the makeup heavy?

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    All I can speak to is the mani/pedi. I wouldn't bother. The last time we were there (T'giving 08) they only had Wet 'N Wild nail polish (the kind you get at CVS for 99 cents). Only a few OPI, and those were lumpy. Do your own nails, or see if they'll use your polish.

    Have a nice wedding - you've picked a great place!!

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    Have to admit. Don't BOTHER with the PEDI/ MANI... I had a huge credit for the spa and decided to get that done and then it turned me off from using the rest. It looked bad, they had not good nailpolish. The 2nd post was right it was clumpy. They didnt relax me, and one of the ladies was REALLY rough on my legs. Honestly, i will get my nails done before like I did here in the states and then NOT do that again. I LOVE COUPLES do not get me wrong, they just didnt treat me like I was special and did a horrible job. They didnt even ask me if I wanted to dry them afterwards and put me out the door. So I dont suggest it. Sorry. Jane

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    We got married at CSA On july 31st and got back home last week. I did my makeup myself but I did get an updo at the salon for the wedding. I had planned to wear my her down until I got there and saw how hot it was so I had no pics to show them but it went great and they did a wonderful job. I have lots of hair and it only took them about 45 minutes at the most. Best wishes. You have picked a GREAT place to get married

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    My sister and I both had our hair and makeup done when I got married at CN. I had a picture of what I wanted and my sister didn't, but they did a great job on both of us!! They have books you can look through too. The makeup was great because it was sweat proof!
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    your pics are gorgeous and they did a great job on your 'do.' Good to know the makeup is sweatproof, I can only imagine how HOT it's going to be.

    michel09, how did your own makeup hold up?

    Congrats to you both on your weddings!

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    Beachchic about the makeup I'd get them to use their sweatproof makeup. Best wishes

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