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    Default CSA or Tower Isle for Honeymoon?

    I am planning our honeymoon in September of this year (:
    All of the reviews for all the Couples resorts are amazing and I love them all!
    So couples was a easy choice!
    I have narrowed it down to CSA or Tower Isle but can't decide which to book, please Help!
    I love how new and modern and Tower isle is but love Negril and it's beach. And food is number one, along with bed comfort!
    The help is sooooooo appreciated!

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    We had the same delima- we've never been to couples so we split our time between the two. Good luck!

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    Been to both, and would do either resort in a heartbeat. However, for a romantic atmosphere, book the Atrium Room or Beachfront Suite at CSA. I could not recommend a nicer room for a honeymoon. You will not be disappointed in either resort for the food.

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    We got married at CSA in 04, eagerly awaiting April 20 for trip #4. You can't go wrong with either but csa's beach can't be beat. It is our favorite place on earth.

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    I have not been to CTI but was married at CSS and have stayed at, and am going back to CSA. From what I understand CTI is more geared for the young crowd as far as evening entertainment. Other than that the food is great at all the Couples but the beach at is a beach resort. Long walks on 7 mile beach in the morning, wading out in waist deep water and seeing starfish on the bottom by your feet, very live reef for amazing snorkeling, booze cruise on a catamaran down the coast, and romatic sunsets make this our favorite. CSS is in Ocho Rios like CTI so it mainly faces north and the beaches are smaller and man made. If you want a laid back real beach resort go to CSA.

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    I've been to both and I'd say CSA all the way. The beach is the most beautiful I've ever seen. I think CSA is more romantic too. We love CSA and want to go back. I don't think we'll ever go back to CTI only because it's a total hotel vibe there. CSA rocks!

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    Also, almost forgot, no sunsets at CTI. You will find the best, most romantic sunsets in Negril, at CSA !

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    We were actually in the same dilemma as you. We wanted to do CTI b/c of Dunns River Falls excursion, but we decided to go with CSA due to the nicer beach, plus just the overall atmosphere - the resort is more spreadout. Of course, we haven't been there yet (going on our honeymoon beginning of Oct)... but just saying, this is how we decided. We are booking next week! Good luck!

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    CSA wins hands down!!! We got married at CSA in September 2005, returned for our 2nd anniversary. Tried CTI for our 5th. It's the same high standard but for us, once you've tried CSA nothing else comes close for a million different reasons.

    Roll on September,returning for our 6th anniversary!!!!

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    Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, and well done for choosing Couples as your honeymoon destination.
    We are heading to CTI on honeymoon in 10 days time and will post a full report when we get home. From everything I have read about CTI and CSA both are fantastic locations for a honeymoon, and I'm sure you will have dream honeymoon wherever you finally choose.
    Iain & Jacqui

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    If beach is really important to you then CSA. But keep in mind, it is a public beach at the water's edge, so there will be people walking through from other resorts and vendors. We have been to CTI since the renovations. I don't know that I would refer to as modern, but definitely updated. The original Couples resort was built in the 1940's. There is a new building--building 2 that was opened after the renovations. CSA has a new building also--I think it's the Great House. CSA is more spread out and CTI, more compact. Don't know about the "younger vibe" as stated by someone else. We enjoy it and we are late 40's early 50's. Probably depends on the time of year. Also, the sun does set in Ocho Rios (CTI). It just doesn't always set over the water--again depends on time of year. BUT what we like about the resort is the peacefulness. As the beach/resort is in a cove, it is private. There are no people from other resorts or vendors on the beach except Beach Party Night. There are no motor boats, excepts CIT's, No jet skis or para sailers. That can be done in Ocho Rios from a beach in a town. It is very quiet. Hope that helps!

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