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    Default Ice Machines at CN

    Being a Cnuk which means my carbonated bevies need to be cold are there ice machines located in every block?

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    Not machines, but under the stairs on the first floor of each building is a large container full of ice. Ice buckets are in every room, so just take it and fill it up from the container.

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    YES and it's one of the best things they ever did at CN

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    Yes, beneath the stairwell on the first floor.

    Technically, they're not ice machines. They are ice carts that are filled daily.

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    There aren't machines, but there are 'bins' (for lack of a better word) located at the bottom of the stairs. Your mini-fridge will have an ice cube tray in it and you can get ice from the bars. Also, there will be a pitcher of ice water in your room. We always felt like it was more ice than water.
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    Each block of rooms has at least 1 ice chest on the ground floor.

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    I have to have LOTS of ice also ..... There isn't ice machines but there are large rolling coolers filled with ice that sit in a little alcove by the stairway in each block .... Think they're just on the ground foor level. There is an ice bucket in your room.

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    Default Machines at CN

    They have ice, but it's not in machines. There is a big bin of ice... it was about 5 feet from our door, but not an ice machine...There was a spigot at the bottom that let them drain out the water as it melted. Very convenient... and they didn't have to pay for the electricity to run. No problem, mon!

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    We were in bldg 8, 2nd floor in February 2011. Didn't find the ice cart until Day 5. Look on the main the main floor for some type of alcove and there will be a huge car of ice. enjoy!

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