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    Default Did you have your hair and/or makeup done by the salon?

    Hi ladies!
    Wedding is almost here at CSA! Please share your pics and reviews if you had your hair and/or makeup done by the salon. Not sure whether to do my own makeup or have it done that morning. Wondering if the makeup application is worth it and comes out fab - and if it's heavy makeup?

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    The hair I did see coming out of the salon looked very good. Each bride I asked that had it done there seemed very pleased! Not sure about the make-up.

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    I had my hair done at the salon, but one of my guests did my make-up. I was VERY pleased with my hair...the only thing would be is I planned on it taking an hour and it took almost 2 hours. Here are some pics:

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    Default Re

    Love your pics!

    I like the flower petals down the aisle---did you decide that or did Couples suggest it? Also, when did the petals go down, before you walked down, walked back, the whole time?

    One more question---how did you get so many people to attend? Did you pay any of their long did they stay? I am having a hard time envisioning that many people at my wedding.

    Thanks so much, in advance, for your response!!!!

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    Default Hair and make up

    I had my hair done at the salon @CSA but did my own makeup.
    We were married on 2/27/09 @4pm. It was very hot and humid,
    my hair and makeup help up great. Here is the link to
    my pics.

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    How come your hair took so long to do? Did they wash it and dry it first?

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    I had my hair done at the salon and loved it!! It stayed all day...up until I went to take the flower out of it. That's my fault there.

    They don't wash it or dry it. I washed mine the night before and they fixed it the next day.

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