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    Default Must Do's at CN

    We are new to Couples. Our 1st trip is planned for the beginning of May and we are so excited. Neither of us have been to Jamaica before either. We are both in our low 50's.

    Does anyone have any must do's or don'ts for us.
    We are looking forward to the beach and relaxing. AN not for us.

    Any suggestions for drinks, activities, restaurants, resorts photos and photographer, outside excursions......when do the vendors come to the resort and what kind of crafts do they sell?

    Thanks for your help......our countdown is now in the 30+days. YEAH!!!!!!! <3 <3

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    Definately take the Scuba course and dive if you have never tried Scuba before. And I would suggest taking it early during your stay so that if you decide you want to get PADI certified, you have time. I waited until my 2nd last day and regret it becuase I loved it so much I want to get certified. Oh well, next visit!!
    Also, don't miss the singer at Thrusday nights Beach Bonfire, he is AMAZING!!

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    CN - our heart's home! DOs for first visit - Catamaran cruise, dink - Smooth Operator by Tennyson, Otaheite restaurant, beach bon fire. The resort has a photographer who does circulate - not sure of cost. Vendors come and sell jewellery, handcarved wood items, t shirts/etc, cigars - lots. Enjoy - we are there for trip 7 in 8 years 2012!

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    You are going to have a WONDERFUL time!! Be excited.
    Monday is usually vendor day and they have everything like sandals, jewelry, clothes, wood carvings, pictures. I really enjoy it.
    If you love the beach and want to relax, you have found the perfect place. CN's beach is paradise!
    Check out the activities sheet and pick out something you like. There is something for everyone. I had fun in the jewelry making class and also in a Jamaican dance class. My husband and I LOVE LOVE the catamaran cruise. Don't miss it.

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    Default Things to do

    My husband and I just returned from Couples Negil late last night and we are already missing the sunshine and wonderful people. Here are a few suggestions for the two of you.

    1. If you can afford to take the 14 minute flight ($100/each) to the resort rather than the 1.5 hour bus ride take advantage of it. The plane flies along the coast line. Very pretty.

    2. Drinks - Our favorites were Negril Screw, Miami Vice, Dirty Banana and the best shot was called the Mexican Dessert. It includes ice cream!!!

    3. If you want to learn the culture and history take the shopping trip, tour and trip to Rick's Cafe. Ask for Chris as your driver. Great guy, explained the culture, religions and plant life . . very informative. Shopping was alright. Rick's Cafe is where the locals dive from 60' to 80' towers. Party place and thrill seekers enjoyed this activity.

    4. Food . . try it all!

    5. Couples Massages are everything and more!!!

    6. Sunset Party Cruise - It's free and WOW!!!

    Have fun! Wish we were still there!

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    Activities are going on all day. They will have them posted over by the pool every day; take the resort orientation as soon as you get there. It only takes about 30 minutes but is very informative. Snorkeling goes out twice a day, once in the morning and then in the afternoon. Sunset cruise goes out a couple of times during one week. They have hobie cats and other water toys to play with in the ocean. Plus you can take your chair floats out and just relax. We are going again in June, our 5th trip, we are also in our fifties. We always say we are going outside of the resort, but time just seems to get away. Vendors come on the property at least 4 of the 7 days. They sell jewelry, baskets, sun dresses, hats, wood carvings. No need to go off the property for souvenirs. It is a great place and I would recommend it to anyone that has not been there. We love just talking to the staff; they are the nicest people in the world. Do as many of the activities as you can, as you earn funny money. Twice a week they have an auction that you can bid on items with your funny money. It is a great way to meet people and a lot of fun. I think someone posted the activity procure on another page. We have never been bored. Staying 9 days this time. Cannot wait.

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    Default Piano Bar...

    Whatever you do don't miss Mr. Paul Tucker in the piano bar... My wife Pandora and I will be there April 30th - May 7th. Hope we see you there!
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    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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    Try the couples massage class so your hubby can perfect his technique!

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    We loved the Catamaran cruise, snorkeling and tyedying our own t-shirts, took our own t-shirts the second time to do some different ones than our first trip. Walking down the beach to the "OON" area vendors was something neat to do too. You can meet some of the locals and talk with them without doing an actual tour anywhere. We did that rather than the craft market walk, same results and walked on beach instead of in a market area. The soup in Otaheite is so yummy, whichever kind it happens to be the evening you are there. The couples massage on the beach is something to splurge on and be treated to bliss! This covers only our FAVORITE things, there are so many other great things you will experience that you will come back with your list of not to be missed things too! Enjoy our favorite place, it will soon be yours too!!!

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    Hi DebandGreg, great'll have a lovely time!!!

    I don't disagree with any of the above suggestions. And what I would also add is don't feel compelled to try everything. If you just want to sit on the beach all day...then just do it!!! (That's what we do most of.) Our lives are so crazy busy at home, the last thing we want is a list of more things we "have" to do. That being said, our favorites include:

    - Trying the drink of the day.
    - Horseshoes and bocce ball in the late afternoons
    - Continental breakfast on our patio each morning, feeding whatever feathery friends come to visit
    - Ping pong by the pool
    - Making new friends at the pool bar in the afternoons
    - Floating in the water, as long as possible
    - Strolling the property in the evening after dinner, listening to the tree frogs, listening to the different sounds of CN
    - Getting to know some of the Couples staff. The entertainment staff in particular are always super friendly and very entertaining!
    - Getting that very first drink on our way to our room after checking in. We always tell the bartender this will be our very first drink of our vacation, so please make us something special.

    Enjoy!!! Chances are you'll be back many times.

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    Our first trip to Couples Negril is in two weeks! We've been to SweptAway and to Sans Souci. We are so excited! Thanks for all these great tips, we may try scuba this time!

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    Hey Jersey, can't waut to hear what you have to say when you get back. You are live so close to us. Please post comments and pictures when you return.

    Everyone else, thanks for your help. Seems like a couples massage is the preferred choice of additional activities. At CN where so you suggest this, the spa, treehouse or Gazebo? What do you guys think of the Private dinner and where,beach, treehouse?

    Just so excited!!!!!! I'm looking forward to putting up the red flag and someone brinking me a frozen drink.

    Keep up the good suggestions, I look forward to all the great responses from the Couples Veterns.

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    Besides coffee what is good to buy in Negril?????

    BC--I also like a certain style T-shirt(with a vee neck) Is there a certain blend to the shirts if you bring your own for Tye Dying, all cotton or can it be a blend??? I also was wondering if the artist they talk about at CSA who paints the t-shirts also comes to CN and what blend of shirts do you need for that??

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