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    I was just looking at the calendar and realized that 2 months from today we will be right in the middle of our first Couples vacation! I have never been this excited about a vacation before! Maybe it's because I KNOW that we are going to have a romantic room on an amazing beach, be treated like royalty and eat lots of yummy food! On all of our previous trips we didn't know what was in store for us. Thank you Couples for this awesome message board!

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    photochick..Welcome to your new family..Your new family of Couples.

    You have no idea what is in store for you..The Couples Resorts are all outstanding..The four resorts are different but the differences are wonderful.

    At Couples you are treated as a family member and not just a number.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY Couples

    Hugs from 10 0 C
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    We know what you mean!! Even when we're not there, we talk about our trips to Couples almost every day!

    I think it actually gets worse the more times you've been there. We just completed our 7th stay with Couples, have our next trip booked for Sept and will book for 2012 next week. Can't wait to get back
    CTI - Nov 06, Mar 11, Feb 12
    CSS - Sep 07, Sep 11, Sep 14
    CNG - Sep 08, Feb 09, Sep 09, Nov 10, Sep 12
    CSA - Jun 13

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    Hello Photochick,
    What resort are you going to? You are so lucky to be traveling to Jamaica and to Couples! I know you will have a fabulous time at whatever resort you have chosen!

    Here's to a speedy countdown to your first Couples vacation! Once you go you know!


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    We will be at CSA May 22-28th! We almost booked CTI so we could see the other side of the island since we have been to Negril but we just couldn't get that amazing beach out of our minds!

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    You can research several things to do while in Jamaica but if you are like my wife and myself don't plan on doing them all! We usually pick 4-5 things we would like to do and if we do 2 of them we are happy. It seems we are usually debating with ourselves...hmmm...Bob Marley's birthplace or float in the warm Caribbean waters...hmmmm warm waters...hmmm where is my float. Relax's Jamaica. Go home rested and recharged.

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