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    Default Could CSA offer AN beach as well?

    I am of the type that believes you only live once. That being said, my husband and I were asked to go to CSA next year with another couple. Never been there, but have heard wonderful things about the resort. While looking at the Couples website, I noticed the talk about the othere resorts with AN beaches. Just wondering if CSA might soon offer that luxury as well. Not a dealbreaker if they don't, but I did attempt to go topless at a beach in the dominican - I quickly clothed myself again when I caught sight of a 10 year old too close for my comfort!

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    Randymon posted on this awhile back. Couples has absolutely no intention of adding the AN option to CSA.

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    This question was just asked over the weekend. CSA will not have an AN beach. Their beach is not set up where it would be possible to have one. You can sign up for Romance Rewards and go to CN one day and experience their AN beach.
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    Yeah, that would be a VERY well trafficked beach! There is a family resort right next to CSA and all sorts of other resorts off the other end, it wouldn't be private at all. Otherwise they'd have to make it a walled in pen of some sort, not a good solution either.

    Topless is GTG though, on the beach. You may get some admiring looks but no one is going to be bothered by it. Certianly no kids will be just hanging out around you.

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    The stretch of 7-Mile Beach on which SweptAway sits is long and can be somewhat narrow at times (depending on what the ocean decides). The entire length of the property is fronted by suites from the GreatHouse Complex to The Palms Complex. Between the suites and the beach is a private walkway. To the (nominally) northwwest of SweptAway is Beaches (a family resort owned by another chain), and to the southeast 7-Mile stretches for about another 3-4 miles to the Cliffs area. The waterline of 7-Mile is a public causeway, and yes, it does get enough family traffic.

    From this description, its easy to see that the layout simply does not lend itself to an AN area, and that's ok by many and perhaps all devotees of this jewel. If its AN beach access you want, there are three options in the Couples group of resorts. SweptAway simply isn't one of them.

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